I hosted an Indonesia Eats Cook-Up from September 1 to 30. In this event, participants had to use recipes that I posted between January 2009 to August 2010 in this blog. Thank you to all participants for trying my recipes. I’m happy to see your feedback about those recipes.

Thanks to Alexandra for this giving away certificate. To be drawn for a $70 CSN gift certificate, participants must be resided in Canada and US. However, one participant is from Brunei. Maya just wanted to try my recipe and be included in the round-up. Here, they are the participants. FYI, all pictures are linked to each participant’s post, except 2 pics of Tricia.

Dadar jagung by MayaMaya of Foodiva’s Kitchen with a recipe of Dadar Jagung (Indonesian Corn Fritters). The original recipe has been modified by adding purple chilies and eggplants.
Akheela of Torview has participated by making Roti Maryam/Paratha which I can’t include into the draw since the recipe is not in the period that I mentioned. Anyway, thank you for your participation Akheela.Roti Maryam by Akheela

I will use a random.org to draw. In this round up, there are 13 pictures to generate. Please check this post on Saturday on October 2, 2010 after 5 PM CDT to see who the lucky number is.

1.  Carolina of Cemara Photography has tried a recipe of Cheese Leek Mushroom Potato Soup. Olin is one of amazing portrait and street photographers that I know. Check out her blog, you might be interested to use her service. Starting this photo, I gave #1.Cheese Leek Mushroom Potato Soup by Carolina


2. Sop Buntut Bakar by JaneJane of Jane’s Simple Kitchen has tried a recipe of Sup Buntut Bakar – Indonesian Grilled Oxtail Soup.  I almost didn’t include Jane’s submission as I trashed her email by mistake.  Sorry for that, Jane! Honestly, I didn’t know that she has followed my blog since the beginning.  Thanks for making my day.  By the way I love your food props.
Ching of Little Corner of Mine has tried a recipe of Cantik Manis. I’m glad finally she used up her Korean mung bean starch.3. Cantik Manis by Ching
4.  Nasi Goreng Pedas by KristineKristine of Crazy Cats Recipe World has tried a recipe of Nasi Goreng Pedas – Chili Fried Rice. Good to know that she enjoyed this spicy fried rice which I know some people can’t handle the heat.


Marvellina of What To Cook Today has tried a recipe of Lumpia Semarang – Semarang Style Lumpia. She said that she glad to find this recipe and has been craving for it. Her husband couldn’t even smell the Bamboo Shoot that most people despise.5.  Lumpia Semarang by Marvellina

Tricia is one of my readers since the beginning of my blog. She introduced me with a Malaysian instant seasoning brand “Teans Gourmet” that I really recommended to other friends. We haven’t met each other yet we exchanged goodies and sometimes say hi through email or facebook. She has tried two recipes, Banh Troi – Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dumplings and Kue Pepe/Lapis Sagu – Indonesian Steamed Layered Sago Cake


6. Banh Troi by Tricia7. Kue Pepe by Tricia
8. Lidia of Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom has tried a recipe of Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong. A wonderful friend who is always busy with her two kids and catering.Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong by Lidia


9. Bun Tom Nuong Cha Ram by FitriFitri of Food Herritage has tried a recipe of Bun Tom Nuong Cha Ram. She is new to blogspot, please check out her mostly Javanese recipes.


10. Take a look this beautiful picture that was shot by Roosy of My Life, My Child and My Food. She has tried a recipe of Grilled Banana Topped with Chocolate and Cheese.Grilled bananas Topped  with Chocolate and Cheese by Roosy

Asty of Tumpahan Comelnya Asty has tried three recipes in my blog.

11. Krengsengan Sapi by AstyKrengsengan – Braised Meat in Petis Sauce. She modified with beef instead of goat
12. Nasi Goreng Kemangi by AstyNasi Goreng Kemangi is an adaptation from Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi – Green Chilies Fried Rice with Lemon Basil. Instead of using green chilies, she used habanero
13. Pepes Ikan Woku by AstyPepes Ikan Woku – Steamed Fish with Woku Spices in Banana Leaves. She substituted the halibut that I used for cod.


Yuli of Yuliana Photography has tried a recipe of Ayam Garo Rica – Manadonese Chili and Lemon Basil Chicken. Although she sent me this late, I still add her post in round up and won’t be included into the draw.Ayam Garo Rica

Drumroll, please.
Thanks to Random.org, the winner is…


Tricia! Congratulation.


  1. OMG!!! I won!!! I guess crossing my toes helped!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I had such a wonderful time participating. My friends loved tasting my submission!!!

    Thanks Pepy for holding this roundup and sharing your recipes!!!

  2. What a beautiful round-up of delicious dishes. You really have such a wonderful collection of recipes here, Pepy. Inspiring to all of us!


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