Ie Boh Timon Recipe (Aceh Cucumber Limeade)

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Indonesian Limeades
August 1, 2010 Update: This post was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 today
Cucumbers and key limes are on season. What do you think about a combination of cucumber and lime? or have you heard cucumber limeade before? Cucumber limeade was one of my childhood favourite beverages. This non-alcoholic drink is very refreshing especially for hot sunny days. I often bring this beverage for potluck parties in summer.This is my first year to get involved with Summer Fest. I am bringing to you two summer limeades. One is the original Es Timun or in Aceh dialect, it’s known as Ie Boh Timon and another one is Vitri’s version “Es Timun Serai“.  In Aceh language , Ie means water or air (Indonesian); Boh means fruit or buah (Indonesian); Timon means cucumber or timun (Indonesian).  While the Es Timun Serai, it’s literatlly translated es means ice, timun means cucumber and serai means lemongrass.  But, I translated as lemongrass cucumber limeade.A little background about this limeade. It’s common in Acehnese restaurants in Indonesia. Acehnese food is very heavy in spices and similar to Indian food especially South Indian. To wash down hot and spicy food, the Acehnese restaurants serve this drink in their menu.

About a month ago, I was talking with a friend who live in Austria. She was complaining about the heat.  I suggested her to make Es Timun Aceh, then she came up with her version by adding lemongrass which she shared on kompasiana.

For those who consume alcohol, you can mix it with vodka or other spirits.

Please see the complete recipe of Es Timun Aceh

Es Timun
Down, below the lemongrass cucumber limeade, you can find the recipe of Es Timun Serai

Es Timun Serai

Es Timun Serai
Indonesian Lemongrass Cucumber Limeade

recipe by Vitri Sidharta, modified by me

4 cucumbers, halved lengthwise, discard the seed (if you like the seed, don’t discard), and shave.
ice, crushed

Lemongrass Limeade Syrup

1 L water
225 g sugar
4 key limes, juiced
3 lemongrasses, take the white parts and bruise (alternatively, you can use frozen ground lemongrass and place in muslin bag)

1. Limeade syrup : Bring water, lemongrass, sugar, and lime juice to a boil until sugar dissolved. Remove from heat. Cool down at room temperature.

2. Serving : In a glass, add cucumber shaved and crushed ice. Pour lemongrass limeade syrup over and stir. Serve.

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