We’ve been moved since a month ago. On Saturday night (November 3rd 2007), we were hosting a housewarming party, some friends came over and also introduced the Indonesian food to Aaron, his brother and girlfriend. Don’t ask me where the people’s photos who were coming over to my party. They already asked me not to put their pictures on internet. As my respect, I don’t put your pictures guys.

I was confused what I wanted to make. I would love to have the Eastern Javanese Pecel, but didn’t feel to make side dishes like the Eastern Javanese do, such as ayam bumbu rujak, tahu tempe bumbu bali, tempe tahu bacem etc. I would love to combine the Eastern Javanese style, the province where my mom was from and the Northern Sumatran style, the province where my dad was from.

After asking some suggestions from mbak Emi of Warung Si-Mbok Emi and Sulis of To Love and To Be Loved, I finally decided what I was going to cook. Lis, I hadn’t read your reply when I decided not to make cumi teutumeh, we had the same thought that cumi teutumeh is too soupy for pecel :D.

Pecel on Merah Putih
My Style of Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice) on Merah Putih

One dish meal is a common food for a housewarming party in Indonesia. I served warmed rice with Pecel (Eastern Javanese Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce), Cumi Panggang Pacak (Northeren Sumatran BBQ Squids), Sambal Goreng Cirebon (Cirebonese Fried Sambal), Bakmi Goreng Jawa (Javanese Fried Noodle) and last but not least kerupuk aci (tapioca flour crackers). The recipe of Pecel, Cumi Panggang Pacak, and Sambal Goreng Cirebon will be posted next time.

Ohh, I forgot to mention that I served Brownies Kukus Pandan Mocha (Steamed Pandan Mocha Brownies) for dessert which I didn’t take the picture. The steamed brownies recipe was adapted from Sulis’ Brownies Kukus Special Pandan Cokelat Keju (Sulis’ Steamed Special Brownies with Pandan Chocolate Cheese).



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