I came home, it was pouring rain and I was wet. I felt I wanted something to warm me up. I decided to make this beverage which I got from Tabloid Nova.

By adding dark chocolate bar in ingredient, I omitted cocoa powder, I only used it for dusting. I also reduced the sugar, and added more orange marmalade jams.

In the original recipe, instead of grating the unsweetened chocolate bars, I ground the dark chocolate with a coffee grinder.

50 g dark chocolate bars (99% cocoa), ground
3 tbsp orange marmalade jams
550 ml water
1 sdt sugar (it can be more or less added as desired)
1/4 tsp salt
50 ml sweetened condensed milk

whipped cream
cocoa powder
maraschino cherry

1. Bring 500 ml water and orange marmalade jams to a boil.
2. Add ground dark chocolate, sugar and salt; stirring until sugar dissolved. Add sweetened condensed milk and 50 ml water until mixed and dissloved.
3. Pour hot chocolate mixture to glass servings. Spray on the whipped cream dust with cocoa powder and put cherry on top.


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