Hello From Boissevain

As of June 15th, I moved to a small cattle producer town in Manitoba, Boissevain due to my current job. I still go back to Winnipeg once every two weeks.

The little small town has caught my intention with flowers around the area. I was so happy I finally found lemon basil (Indonesian: kemangi) plants for purchased here, at the greenhouse where I bought them. Lemon basil is a fragrant herb that is commonly used in Indonesian cuisine.

Lemon Basil

The warmness and friendliness feeling that I enjoy the most from people in this town. The most important I don’t need to see lots traffic like in Winnipeg! đŸ™‚ Absolutely, I enjoy driving here.

A cozy coffee area in the giftware shop is also part of my morning coffee break. It’s only one block away from my office with magnificent things that foodies love. Care to see the history of The Station, please visit the website at http://www.the-station.ca/. Thanks to Audrey Hicks to let me taking pics of the store. If you go to the US border or enter Canada through highway 10 please do visit Boissevain and The Station.

The Station
406 South Railway Street
Boissevain, MB
Canada R0K 0E0

The Front Look and The Black and White Corner…

The Station1

The Red Lovers…

The Station2

The Blue Lovers…

The Station3

The Eco and Antique Lovers…

The Station4

The Station5

There, you go, my spot for coffee break…

My Corner



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