In our fridge, we barely have milk but we always have soy milk and almond milk which are easy to get at any grocery stores. However, in Canada any non dairy milks are labeled under beverage so they are known for soy beverage and almond beverage.

I have been tempting to make this Hazelnut Milk for months. Around late January, conversation happened between us (lickmyspoon247, anhsfoodblog, gourmandeinthek, gettanvi, journeykitchen and me) on twitter about hazelnut challenge. This conversation was kept going on through emails. However, it doesn’t turn into a real challenge as we get busy.

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canada. I had time to finally make a hazelnut milk and hazelnut chocolate pudding. I found a perfect hazelnut milk recipe from Veganlicious.

Hazelnut Milk

1 cup hazelnuts
3.5 cups water

Making Hazelnut Milk
You may want to skin hazelnuts off, before soaking the hazelnuts. Follow this step.

Soak hazelnuts with 3.5 cups water for 6-8 hours (preferably keep it in the fridge). Strain with a mesh strainer hazelnuts and place the water in another bowl. Rinse well the hazelnuts under cold water. In a blender, combine hazelnuts and water that you use for soaking before; process until smooth.

Leave sitting in blender for 5-10 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth that’s layered over a mesh strainer (or, in a nut bag if you’re lucky enough to find one), squeezing as much liquid as you can out of it.

Honestly it was so nice, smooth and hazelnutty.


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