Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian fellows. Today is Canada’s 144th birthday. Most people celebrate with friends and family, watching CFL (Canadian Football League) games or keeping on eye with the free agency day for NHL (National Hockey League).

Since the weather is really really warm, barbecuing and drinking cold beverages are the common activity during this time. From a foodie perspective and Indonesian who has been lived in Canada for years, I’d like to share with you some Indonesian classic and modernized  recipes.  Be sure to click each picture below that will bring you to the recipe’s link.

Poultry and Red Meat Group

From left to right:
Madura Chicken Saté
Indonesian Grilled Oxtail
Minced Beef Saté

Fish and Seafood Group
In this group, I present one great dipping sauce for barbecued and steamed seafood; Pineapple Peanut Sauce.

Clockwise from top left

Grilled Squids with Sweet Soy Sauce
Otak Otak Bakar (Indonesian Grilled Fish Cake)
Sate Odeng Madura (Madura Prawn Saté)
Saus Nanas Kacang (Pineapple Peanut Sauce)

Something Sweet


Grilled Banana with Chocolate Sprinkle and Cheese
Es Timun Serai (Iced Cucumber Lemongrass)


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