Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to All Canadians, including New Canadians!

I decided to call my friend last minute before we were heading to the Forks. Since my place is very closed to where the Osborne Street Festival was, I had to go a longer way to pick up my friend. Then, I parked the car at home and we walked to the Forks.

It was fun! We enjoyed the music from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and other bands. At 11 PM, the fireworks started. I don’t know how many shots I took, but I had to hold my camera up for 15 minutes.

Here are some photos that I shot. They are still and will to come at my flickr page.

People stood up when they heard Canada National Anthem "O Canada"
People stood up when they heard the Canada National Anthem “O Canada”

Fireworks 2
Fireworks 1



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