I was craving for this gulai, since I saw my friend post on multiply. He posted the restaurant reviews, Rumah Makan Padang (translated as Padang Style Restaurant) and Rumah Makan Khas Aceh (translated as Aceh Style Restaurant). To make a good Sumatra style gulai, you will need some ingredients which are not easy to find in Canada, such as turmeric leaf, mangkokan leaf (I haven’t found the English translation for this leaf), asam kandis, asam gelugur and/or asam sunti. Lucky me I can find the Indonesian intant seasoning “Munik” of head fish curry and also the frozen bilimbi here to subtitute asam sunti.

Next time, I may make this gulai from scratch, I should wait for summer to plant turmeric to get the leaves and dry up the bilimbi to get asam sunti.

Seasoning of Gulai Kakap Merah

Category:Soups & Stews

350 g red snapper, clean and cut the fish into serving size slices or as desired
1/2 sachet of fish head in curry instant seasoning “Munik”
2-3 bilimbis, cut in half
sambal oelek, as desired (if you like hot spicy taste, add more)


  • Put all ingredients in a pan; bring them to a boil in medium heat for 40 minutes or more. Serve with rice.
  • If you want to remove the unwanted residue spices, do that at minute 30 and simmer them until the next 10 minutes.



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