Still cooking blue in the air. I found two pictures which were taken few months ago, and one of them was posted on my multiply. Just sharing two pictures and this ingredient’s information that is widely used in Indonesian culinary, Gula Jawa or gula merah or gula Bali (literally: coconut sugar).

Some people get confused what the difference between palm sugar (Indonesian: gula aren or gula palem) and coconut sugar. Take a look to this link. You will know the difference between those two sugars.  Beside the plant sources, these two sugars are looked different by the colour.  Gula aren or palm sugar has a darker colour compare to gula Jawa (coconut sugar).  Both sugars have a lower GI (glycemic index)as well.



  1. I hadn’t heard of either, sounds delicious though. I’m thinking of all the tasty things I could do with these ingredients.


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