Green tomatoes and long green chiles are two basic ingredients in Indonesian cooking to make samba(l) lado mudo (green chiles sambal). In the past, I didn’t have access to green tomatoes so I substituted them for bilimbi (belimbing sayur or wuluh) or tomatillos. Please do check my sambal lado mudo with bilimbi and sambal lado mudo with tomatillo recipes. In Mexico, Tomatillos are referred to as green tomatoes (Spanish: tomate verde). Sambal lado mudo is often companied for many Padangese/Minangese dishes. Beside that, I already made this basic sambal lado mudo into a Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi (Indonesian green chili with lemon basil).

For me who doesn’t plant tomatoes, it is rare to get green tomatoes at the market. However, two weeks ago, I found ample green tomatoes at St. Norbert farmers’ market



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