As I promised to mas Budi (mas is a polite form to refer to one guy and also meant brother in Javanese) to give a space on my blog to promote his new books. He is one of my foodie fellows who also a cookbook authors in Indonesia. The books were been published in Indonesia with title “Panduan Tepat untuk Diet Golongan Darah (A, B, AB dan O)“.

For my Malaysian readers who interests to get one of these books, you may see already at book stores in Malaysia.

Title : Siri Panduan Diet Golongan Darah – PANDUAN DIET UNTUK GOLONGAN DARAH (A, B, AB dan O)

Publisher: Synergy Media – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Authors: Budi Sutomo, S. Pd & Dr. Yoanita Ristyaningrum

Price: RM.14.90

Right pic: Indonesian edition. Left Pic: Malaysian edition.



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