Does anybody know about this, an online Asian store? I know nothing about their company, but I know one thing. They’re sneaky thieves.

I’m accusing them, aren’t I? Let’s make it clear here. I was checking the website to find a large mortar and pestle to buy as I’m always on the look out for Indonesian products. As I was browsing through the Indonesian category, Holy S***! I saw one of my work photograph being used to advertise. THEY STOLE MY PICTURE!!!!

I have no idea how long they have been using it. After sending them an email notification and the link of a picture that they used.  They took down my picture, but there was no email back to me.  They didn’t even realize that they are using my photograph to sell 4 other brands of pecel peanut dressing.

This wasn’t my first time finding a stolen photograph, but this one really pisses me off. Especially, because there has been no respond from this thieving company.

Here is the first page that I found.

My pecel picture for “Mataram” pecel peanut dressing

A friend of mine found 4 other links to 4 other brands that they sell and still use the same picture in the gallery.

If the management of is a professional business, they should reply to my email.  I have my rights to ask for compensation since I stated on the original picture “some rights are reserved – please ask first”. has never asked for my permission yet they cut down that watermark and posted for a commercialization of 5 brands pecel peanut dressing (Mataram, Munik, Enak Eco, Rotary and Wira Food) in their website.

Here is the original picture that I posted on Housewarming Part 4: A Recipe of Pecel

I have sent a second email of notification last night and gave them a 48 hours warning to settle the problem without any further parties getting involved.  

Update: As of 7 PM CST …….. Nothing

If you feel like voicing your opinion to this company.  Here is their emails:


Before you decide to order something from this thieving company, you should read how many complaints so far about this company. Please visit The Complaints Board about and reviews by consumers.


  1. I have had a terrible experience shopping with them. They sent me the wrong item, did not reimburse me for return shipping (they promised they would), never sent a replacement (though they lied and told me it had shipped). It took months of me hounding them to refund the original item (which I never received at any point). They never respond to emails and rarely do they answer phone calls. Blatant lies when you do get through. Completely unprofessional. If you need their alternate number, let me know.

  2. By the way, don't buy the mortar and pestle there. That was the item I attempted to purchase. They sent the wrong item and it took months to receive a refund.

  3. Yep, it is horrible! Once I had my contents stolen(thanks to noobcook for informing me) and left an email to the "thief's site" and they just ignored me!!! very bad


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