Easy Tteokbokki/Ddeokbokki Recipe

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Tteokbokki or ddeokbokki is my another favourite of Korean foods. I usually made it from scratch. I meant I didn’t make it from a pre-package of Tteokbokki sauce, just like when I made tteokochi or ddeok-kkochi.

When I drove from Pembina area and would do grocery shopping, suddenly, my mind was thinking to stop by the Hyundae Mart on Grant Ave. I was about to buy more fishcakes since I still had ricecakes and gochujang at home.

Well, I didn’t only bring fishcakes. I bought an instant tteokbokki mix sauce and ready to use. But, I still added more onion juice and chili pepper.  Definitely, I’m going to put Hyundae Mart on my Where I Shop page.

Tteokbokki ready to use sauce

All you need is cabbage, fishcakes, ricecakes, green onions and the tteokbokki mix sauce.

In this post, I ‘d like to thank the Chicken Farmers of Canada blog for the interview (how did my interview go?).  I was surprised the moment I saw an email requesting for interview.

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