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Durian Snowy Mooncake

I was randomly asking on twitter, “which mooncake do you like the traditional or snowy ones?  I personally like the snowy one.  However, since I wasn’t grown up with mooncake I didn’t taste the one that a friend of mine, Tuty likes.   She likes the Indonesian mooncake ” Sin Hap Hoat” brand (Flavours: chocolate, cheese, raisins, durian,cashews).   According to her, those mooncakes aren’t sold in other countries.

Well, I’m quite happy with my durian snowy mooncake here which I bought from the Asian store.  If you’re interested to make your own, here are some great recipes of traditional and snowy mooncakes.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to anyone who celebrates it

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11 thoughts on “Durian Snowy Mooncake”

  1. wuaaaa… percisss kayak yang dijual di resto Holiday Semarang… Nyesel kenapa kemarin nggak nyicip 😀
    Ternyata sedang Moon Festival yah… (baru sadar karena… ada angry bird Moon Fest 😀 )

    Salam Kenal!

  2. So delicate and beautiful! of the SO many kinds I have had only the traditional I think gifted by a friend here. (store bought). It had the red beans inside, but had a peanut kind of flavor. Does red beans have a peanuty flavor?

  3. Does anyone knows where we can order nice mooncakes in Indonesia to be delivered to our clients in Indonesia? We are from Singapore.

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