Durian Pancake  is a popular dessert in 3 Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.   I don’t know why it’s called Pancake while the shape is similar to Crêpe that is filled and fold like an envelope. The Indonesian dark coffee (kopi tubruk) would be perfect to company this dessert.

I had Betty before in Indonesia Eats with her Putong Puti. Today is my time in Asian in America and I’m very honored; thank you, Betty! I first had no idea what I could share with Asian in America readers. Then, I realized this blog has many Filipino readers. It would be a good idea to share the love of Durian Pancake that has been spread out in those 3 countries.

As I told on my old post Durian Pudding with Pandan Vla, love and hate are surround this fruit. Some people hate it badly and some love it remarkably. Well, if you are at the last category, you will enjoy the recipe of my Durian Pancake at Asian in America. Selamat makan (Bon appétit) !


  1. A belated THANK YOU for honoring me with your Guest Post on my blog! What a unique and delightful Durian Pancake recipe. This answers the questions of so many who want to know more about the interesting Durian and what to do with it. So grateful for your help, kindness and friendship, Pepy! Cheers!

  2. Hi Mbak Pepy..
    aku minta izin repost resep durian pancake nya di blog aku ya Mbak. kemarin coba bikin tp kulitnya msh ketebelan nih.. huhuhu, my bad. semoga lain kali kalau bikin lagi bs lebih tipis.. hihi. thank you Mbak, have a nice day!

  3. Hi there,
    I tried making your pancakes but the pancake itself turned out very thick – like pancake batter! It barely swirled in the pan. I had to thin it out quite a bit by adding milk. So, I was wondering if there is supposed to be that much flour in the recipe? I weighed the 250 grams of flour, which equaled approximately 2 cups… Other than that, it tasted very good!


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