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Dandelion Deli

As you can see I put the name paella marinera on the previous pic

Dandelion Deli used to be named Dandelion Eatery. It was a fantastic place for vegetarians and vegans or for those who want to know exactly where our food is coming from. I’m not a vegan nor vegetarian, but with a husband who has some different allergy to food. Since the place offers organic, fresh and healthy menu, the price is a bit higher, so it is ok to go there once a while for a change.

The eatery used to have many variety food to choose and seasonal. I don’t know what happened, from the last of our two visits, I recognized the place shrunk down into a tiny casual service area in the corner of Organza Market. It’s not only that, the food choices are not as attractive as the previous time. Plus, the name has changed to Dandelion Deli.

I still love their juice bar; I picked Liver Flush (contains grapefruit, beet, ginger, lemon, cayenne and milk thistle) or Immune Booster (carrot, apple, ginger, lemon and echinacea) or Flu Fighter (lemon, apple, ginger and echinacea).

About last weekend after the Farmers’ Market, we decided to go there for lunch. My husband and I agreed to give a compliment for its special menu of the day, Paella de Mariscas. The first time, I asked before ordering was “is there any chorizo in it?” The waitress said no, it’s only seafood and fish for the protein source. Ok, good!

Paella de Mariscas
Out of the curiosity, we also ordered naked oats risotto. It’s very nice texture, creamy and mushroomy. For myself, I enjoyed eating that risotto but I need a bit kick in it, a bit black pepper. However, my husband did enjoy it very much because that kind of taste that he grew up.

Mushroom Naked Oats Risoto
Upss I need to put more “T” on the picture for the risotto word
Beside the menu and place have shrunken down, the service also becomes worst. When the last time we went there, two round big tables were dirty. The customers had to ask to clean. At that time, those two front employees weren’t that busy either.

Overall, the place is still ok for an alternative eating out.

230 Osborne Street
Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Z5
Ph. (204) 453-5755

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