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One very general idea: always try to think of a story behind the photo (e.g. table setting, sunny mood, comfort food, stylish food), which impression do you want.

– Thorsten Kraska –

Dita of Yummy, the founder of Home Food Photography event, has invited me to participate since the very beginning of this episode. Eventually, I ended up running out of time and idea. Yeah, I wish I could take a part from the first event, but I won’t miss the 4th series.

About three weeks ago, I sent a message via flickr to Thorsten Kraska (TK), one of my favourite photographers. The purpose of that message was to give myself enlighten about my food-photography. It is a perfect match to share his opinion about concept while the 4th series’ theme of the event is “konsep” or concept in English. Here are the messages that really got into my brain.

“For a warm feeling you could use warmer background colors. You could use contrasting colors, if you want the colors of the dish to stand out.

The idea of “what the message is” is important. Browse through photos in journals of flickr. Stop at every photo you like on first sight and you will see these photos tell you a very short story, they get your imagination working. That is the main idea. Make the viewer stop by telling a story.”

This time, “Teri’s Party” is my contribution to the 4th Home Food Photography. Teri is not a person’s name; it is a call for silver anchovy in Indonesian which I barely see the fresh one in Winnipeg. Happiness and homey are the feelings that I long to illustrate with my childhood dish, Dadar Teri Medan (fried tiny silver anchovies in egg batters) as I can find Teri Medan for purchased at one of Asian markets here. Colourful polka-dots background and pink tissue sheet remind me of a little girl party. Reveling in my homey kiddo party is the shots’ message.

Last but not least, thanks to TK for the permission to publish his words on this blog.

Dadar Teri Medan // Fried Tiny Silver Anchovies in Egg Batter

recipe by my beloved mom and iyuk, modified by me

1 cup fresh or frozen* tiny silver anchovies
2 fresh calamansis (can be substituted for lime/lemon), squeezed
1 egg, beaten
1 cloves garlic, grated
2 candlenuts, grated
½ package no-MSG added shrimp bouillon cube or 1/4 tsp terasi (English: dried shrimp paste)
Oil for deep-fry or pan-sear

*Thaw frozen anchovies, then measure 1 cup.


1. Squeeze calamansis over anchovies, mix and let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse off.
2. Combine garlic, bouillon or terasi, candlenuts to beaten egg.
3. Add anchovies into egg mixture.
4. Place a frying pan/skillet over high heat and add oil. By using, a soup spoon, spoon anchovies mixtures onto the pan. Fry them until golden brown and enjoy with hot sauce.

Sambal Cap Jempol



  1. Pep, makasih ya buat entry-nya. itu hari lo kirim PM di MP gue ya? Gue cari2 lagi tuh message udah ketimbun, so sorry ya dear. Gimana sih sebenernya cari PM2 yg ketimbun itu di MP?

  2. Pep, enak banget ya disana ada teri yg fresh… disini mah adanya kering atau frozen 🙂

    btw, kayaknya itu pop-up adanya didlm css/html layout elo ya, barusan gue dapat popnya radio gitu 😀


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