Thou curry leaves are used in some Indonesian cooking, these leaves aren’t that popular as other herb leaves such as kaffir lime, lemon basil, pandan and turmeric leaves.  In Indonesia, Aceh culinary has used curry leaves more than other regions since this province has heavily influenced from Indian cooking. By saying heavily, it’s truly similar. An Acehnese dish was named korma just like korma in Indian food. In Central Java (Semarang), these leaves are known as kara keling (this info was added on February 27, 2012)

In Southeast Asian countries, Malaysian foods also apply these leaves while in Cambodia there is a soured soup dish called Maju Krueng. This dish is used curry leaves by toasting in open flame or roasting to a crunch and crushed them into the soup.

For those who are into Ayurvedic medication, curry leaves are much valued as an anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemic etc. Curry leaves also contain iron.

Some idea for cooking with curry leaves:
Mackerel Curry-Aceh Style (Gulai Ikan Kembung Khas Aceh)
Kari Deli with Roti Jala (Beef Curry-Deli Style with Net Flatbread)
Yellow Acar Macakerl (Acar Kuning Ikan Kembung)


  1. Oh I cannot do without my tropical herbs! I’ve had one of these on my kitchen windowsill for a few years now and they are indispensable in South Indian cooking! Its binomial name is Murraya Koenigii, for those looking online for suppliers of live plants.
    First time here and loving it! Hope you’ll visit me some time! xx

  2. Any Indian shop will almost certainly have curry leaves. Make sure to get them fresh; the dried ones are a very poor substitute, useful only if you really can’t get the fresh ones.

    I grow the small curry leaf tree in my garden, and once established after a couple of years the leaves are plentiful.

  3. do you know where i can get these in Bali.

    i cook a lot of indian food with them, and i actually bring them in from Singapore and freeze them.

    would like to grow a plant too, if you can suggest how?

    terima kasih

    • Hi Peter,

      I have no information where to get them in Bali. If you are in Jakarta or Aceh, these leaves are easier to get esp in Aceh. I’ll get back to you once I gather more information. I know a friend who was planting them.

  4. hi there,
    i’m just wasted about 20 USD to bring it home from online store…
    my grandma quite shocking me when she said that my 30 steps neighbor had that plan in the their backyard,
    they used to called it “daun kambing” or mutton/lamb leaves because it’s just simply used to cooked lamb, they dont even know when i asked about curry leave..
    but the show must go on, Ayam Tangkap and kam heoung crab is my first project

    • That is so damn expensive. Even in Canada curry leaves are not crazy high. Curry leaves are usually cost me about 2-3 bucks

  5. it’s funny because my US citizen sister can find exotic indonesian stuff easily even more in Houston,Tx
    dia br tau ada makanan Indonesia aneh2 yg edible kayak kembang kesturi, kembang telang, temopo, ciplukan dll
    btw, i just planted that 2 pots of pricey cully pant in my backyard

    • I’m able to get fresh bunga turi at our local Asian markets. I love to add bunga turn for my pecel just like the Eastern Javanese style also I like to deep fry with panko too.

      But in order to get bunga telang I have to buy them online through ebay or easy where they ship from either Thailand or India. I actually still have them in my fridge

  6. Hi Pepy,

    Saya baru beli curry leaves banyak banget. Ga tau mau bikin apa aja. Ada beginner friendly recipes ga? Saya jarang masak masakan Indonesia, cuman sering ngeliatin Mama masak .



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