Munik is a brand of Indonesian instant seasoning. Here, they are some of the seasoning packages that I have. I’ve tried some of them. Since I know this brand, I barely use other brands. You can find for purchase in Winnipeg at Dong Thai store.

Bumbu Gulai Kepala Ikan
This instant seasoning is good for making Gulai Kepala Ikan (Sumatran Style Head Fish Curry) and also other Sumatran Style Curries, such as mussels and squid curries.

Bumbu Pesmol Ikan
To make easier Pesmol Ikan, just add this seasoning, lime juice, fish and water.

Bumbu Pepes Ikan

Pepes Ikan is translated as Roasted Fish in Banana Wraps. Just add this seasoning, fish, sweet basil (remember this basil has different flavour with Thai basil), lime juice and wrap those up in banana leaves.

Bumbu Cumi Garing
Do you love squid/calamari ring? Try this seasoning to make crispy squid/calamari rings.

Bumbu Soto Mie
Soto Mie can be translated as Bogor Style Noodle Soup. This soto mie is one of my comfort food.

Bumbu Rawon
Rawon is translated as eastern Javanese Style Black Beef Soup. Don’t have time to make it, this instant seasoning is good enough, just suggestion you probably need to add black nuts (keluwak nuts) more to get darken soup.

Bumbu Sup Buntut
I posted a recipe of Sup Buntut (Indonesian Style Oxtail Soup) before, but if I don’t have much time I’m used to use this instant Seasoning.



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