Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom

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First food that I made on January 1, 2009. Seeing King Oyster Mushroom many times at Asian stores, but I hadn’t tried yet. I wondered how King Oyster Mushroom tasted like, did King Oyster Mushroom have the same taste as Oyster Mushroom? So far, in Winnipeg, King Oyster Mushroom can only be found for purchased in Asian stores. I haven’t seen yet at any retail grocers, such as Superstore and Safeway.

According to, King Oyster Mushroom with a scientific name, Pleurotus eryngii, is a variety of mushroom that grows in clusters developing a trumpet-like shape and appearance as a wild or cultivated mushroom. With a blunt cap above and a stout stem beneath, the King Oyster mushroom develops a thick, white flesh that is firm-textured and meaty from the base to the cap. Also referred to as the King Eryngii, Eringii or Royal Trumpet and a trademarked variety known as Trumpet Royale, this mushroom receives some of its names from its shape. The King Oyster is typically harvested when the stems reach a length of several inches, but can grow to a size of 6 to 8 inches in length. As the mushrooms age for several days and depending on the storage provided, the flesh may darken or turn slightly tan to brown in color, but the quality of the mushrooms should be unaffected.

King Oyster Mushroom Vertical King Oyster Mushroom with Colourful Background King Oyster Mushroom Stem

King Oyster Mushroom can be braised, breaded, broiled, grilled, sautรฉed, or stewed to be added to soups, stews, sauces, pasta, vegetable dishes, meats, and seafood. If prepared whole, allow a longer cooking time for this meaty mushroom, cooking it until it is nicely browned. When storing, place in a paper bag and refrigerate for use within 10 days. If necessary, Matsutake mushrooms can be used as a substitute.

King Oyster Mushroom Horizontal
Since the original recipe was used bacon, I skipped it. I added more seasoning, curry powder garlic powder, and ground white pepper

Breaded Curried Oyster Mushroom
Recipe by Golden Gourmet Mushroom, Modified by me

Breaded Curried King Oyester Mushroom 1

6 large King Oyster Mushrooms
Vegetable oil for deep fry
Flour batter (rice flour will be better)

Egg wash
Jamaican curry powder
garlic powder
ground white pepper
2 eggs, beaten

Bread Crumb batter
panko (Japanese bread crumb)

Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom 2 Breaded Curried King Oyster Mushroom 4

Cut mushrooms in half lengthwise with a paring knife. Mix ingredients for egg wash. In 3 steps, flour, eggwash and bread crumb batter the mushroom
Deep fry at 340ยฐF in a pan. Add any favorite sauce/condiment to your taste, I used Indonesian sambal sauce.

If you like, you can add grated candlenuts into the egg was mixture.

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