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Bihun Jamur Shittake // Shittake Rice Vermicelli

After having some Western style food, I miss my Asian food style. Last night, I browsed around Tabloid Nova, a women tabloid in Indonesian. I found a recipe of Kwetiau (English: wide rice noodles). I had all the ingredients, except Kwetiau, but I had bihun (English: rice vermicelli). I substituted for bihun and added mushroom soy sauce in.

It was quick to make so my husband could bring for lunch today.

150 g rice vermicelli
3 tbsp oil
1 can flaked tuna in water, drained
2 tbsp sesame and soy oil ( you can use regular sesame oil)
4 red chilies, discard the seed and angle cut
1/4 cup frozen ground lemongrass (original recipe uses 1 fresh lemongrass, then finely sliced)
8 green onions (original recipes uses kucai or Chinese chives or nira chives), cut into 4 cm length
250 g fresh shittake mushroom, sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp mushroom soy sauce
1 tsp ground white pepper
1. Bring water to boil and remove from heat. Add rice vermicelli and soak for 1 minute. Drain, add 1 tbsp sesame and soy oil and mix well.
2. In a skillet, combine oil with 1 tbsp sesame and soy oi; heat up at medium- high. Saute garlic, lemongrass, red chillies, and mushroom; stir evenly. Add tuna, green onion, ketchup, mushroom soy sauce, white pepper; stir evenly.
3. Add rice vermicelli, combine until well-mixed. Remove from heat and transfer into serving dish. Sprinkle fried shallot over.

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