Bali is a heaven for fish and seafood lovers. To be honest, I don’t enjoy sushi as much as sashimi. I used to love sushi so much but now if I have to choose sushi or sashimi, I’ll go fo sashimi all the way.

Somebody craved for Japanese food while we were in Indonesia. I chose to try Sushi Tei as I heard the name of Sushi Tei since I have lived in Canada. Sushi Tei is an international Japanese sushi restaurant chain and originated from Singapore. The chains have been spreading out in 5 place in Indonesia, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan and Surabaya.

Salmon is always our choice thou we live in the country where salmon is abundant. He admitted that he had the best salmon dish at Sushi Tei Kuta.

Salmon Butter

I myself ordered lobster sashimi. Lobster is also a popular seafood in Canada esp in the East Coast area but I had my first lobster sashimi in Indonesia. When the waitress put down my plate of lobster sashimi, he was a bit freaked out as the lobster tail was moving by itself. The lobster sashimi was absolutely delicious, the meat was tender but firm and sweet.

Lobster Sashimi

The unique thing that Sushi Tei offered was after I finised my lobster sashimi the waitress came and asked whether I wanted to continue all the shell and head to be made for lobster broth in miso soup. I could’t say no since I had never had a lobster miso soup.

Lobster Miso Soup

Beside that we had trio temaki and some mocktails.
Trio Temaki


Overall, Sushi Tei Kuta was a good place for people who really craved sashimi and sushi in Bali. Definitely, Sushi Tei Kuta is one of destination places for foodies who crave for Japanese food while they are in Bali, Indonesia.

The location is on sunset road so it’s not that far either from we stayed, 100 Sunset Boutique Hotel. Since we had too much calorie into our body we decided to walk to our hotel. The dinner that we had was our last dinner before heading up to Yogyakarta in early morning the next day.


    • The lobster tasted fresh when I had it. I’m sorry I don’t exactly remember for its price but it was actually almost the same as we eat at Japanese restaurants in Canada.

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  2. I always love eating in Sushi Tei, but i have never tried the lobster sushi. Will definitely try it the next time i visit sushi tei

    • Whenever I eat out at restaurants, I always try to pick something that look different as long as I’m able to eat it đŸ™‚


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