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  • Caribbean Chickpeas Vegetable Roti Recipe

    Caribbean Chickpeas Vegetable Roti Recipe

    FollowShare I still remember somebody asked for a recipe of Caribbean Roti that I had at Tropikis while I posted a review of Tropikis here. According to one of our friends who is her family from Caribbean islands (I’m not sure which country), they say […]

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  • pecel tempe

    Pecel Terong Tempe (Surabaya Steamed Eggplants and Tempe with Spiced Coconut Milk Sauce)

    FollowShare My… my… my… this is one of my soulfood. I had been tempted to make it long time ago, but I kept delaying. Finally, I made this by adapting mbak Emi’s recipe. According mbak Emi, she didn’t add any shallot, but I did add […]

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  • Bakso Ayam Wortel

    Chicken Carrot Balls Recipe (Bakso Ayam Wortel)

    FollowShare One you should remember this recipe is just my idea but absolutely worth to try. You can add into your soup or just eat the way it is by dipping in hot sauce or other sauce that you like. Ingredients: 350 frozen ground lean […]

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  • Sup Buntut Rempah

    Sup Buntut Rempah Recipe (Indonesian Spiced Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sup Buntut is one of popular soups in Indonesia. I used to make it with Indonesia instant seasoning “Munik”. The original recipe uses beef oxtail, carrots, chinese celery leaves, potato, shallots, garlics, ground nutmeg, cloves, white/black pepper, salt, and sprinkle with slice of green […]

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  • Japanese Curry

    Japanese Curry

    FollowShare I grew up with Japanese cartoon characters. One of my favourites was “Born To Cook”.  It was about a young guy who really wanted to be a chef. He had a cooking battle like Iron Chef.  As I remember he cooked Japanese Style Curry, […]

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  • Seafood Soup

    Seafood Soup

    FollowShare Clear and light soup is my comfort food for cold days. One of the variants is this seafood soup. Easy to make yet so flavourful. Seafood Soup  Ingredients 200 g squid, cleaned, and cut as desired. 200 g shrimp, peel and devein shrimp, don’t […]

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