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  • Food Props College1

    Food Props Hunting and Shots at Pasar Senen, Jakarta

    FollowShare Visiting traditional markets in Indonesia was one of my “must-visit” lists when I was in the country. One of the markets was Pasar Senen (Senen means Monday while pasar means market) in Jakarta. Pasar Senen is a heaven for foodies who collect food props […]

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  • Sate Tempe Bumbu

    Sate Tempe Plappa Recipe (Spicy and Sweet Tempeh Saté)

    FollowShare Indonesians have been consumed tempe aka tempeh as an easy and cheap protein resource since a long time ago. Long before the western world promoted tempe as a non-meat protein resource for vegetarians.  I realized that I didn’t have many recipes with tempe.  When Wulan who […]

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  • Mangut Ikan

    Smoked Fish Mangut Recipe (Javanese Smoked Fish Cooked in Spiced Coconut Milk)

    FollowShare It’s the renew picture of my mangut before.  At that time, I used ikan kembung (Indian mackarel or known as short body mackerel).  However, it still tastes different when you make it with smoked fish. This dish is a popular dish among the Javanese.  […]

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  • Sambal Tumpang

    Sambal Tumpang (Javanese Old Tempe Sambal)

    FollowShare Tempe or tempeh is an Indonesian soybean cake. In order making sambal tumpang, you need tempe semangit. Semangit is derived from a word “sangit” which is meant less pleasant odour. A word “semangit” usually is followed after a word “tempe”, and known as Tempe […]

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  • Sambal Tempe Penyet

    Sambal Tempe Penyet (Eastern Javanese Crushed Tempe Sambal)

    FollowShare I won’t try to spell tempeh since the correct one is tempe. As I recalled tempe is one of the cheapest protein sources in Indonesia. It’s very different in Canada. Tempe is pretty expensive and can’t be found for purchased in every grocery stores, […]

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  • Lontong Sayur Rebung

    Lontong Sayur Recipe (Indonesian Cooked Vegetables in Coconut Milk with Rice Cake)

    FollowShare Lontong sayur was one of the breakfast routine dishes when I lived in Bogor. A kind of breakfast that we can get from street food vendors with less price where you can add a protein choice such as boiled egg, beef or chicken. Due […]

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  • Gado-Gado Surabaya

    Gado-Gado Surabaya – Guest Blogging at Rasa Malaysia

    FollowShare To begin with, I was surprised that Rasa Malaysia has chosen me to be the guest writer of Indonesian cuisine on her blog. Rasa Malaysia is one of my inspired blogs among the Asian specialty blogs. We share the same passion for Asian food […]

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  • Tempe

    Tempe, the Javanese Meat

    FollowShare As an Indonesian, I prefer to spell tempe rather than tempeh. It is made from soybeans that are natural cultured and fermented into a cake form, which widely used for a staple protein source on the island of Java. According to wikipedia, though, tempe […]

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  • pecel tempe

    Pecel Terong Tempe (Surabaya Steamed Eggplants and Tempe with Spiced Coconut Milk Sauce)

    FollowShare My… my… my… this is one of my soulfood. I had been tempted to make it long time ago, but I kept delaying. Finally, I made this by adapting mbak Emi’s recipe. According mbak Emi, she didn’t add any shallot, but I did add […]

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  • MendoanTempe

    Mendoan Tempe Recipe (Javanese Battered Tempeh)

    FollowShare As I noted on my post here, tempe is very popular and traditional food in Indonesia, especially in Java island where I was born and grew up. Tempe always brings my memory back to Indonesia, where I can find tempe easily, either fresh or […]

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