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  • Binte Biluhuta Recipe (Milu Siram - Gorontalo Corn Soup)

    Binte Biluhuta Recipe (Milu Siram – Gorontalo Corn Soup)

    FollowShare Anybody remember the folk song of binte bilihuta? It’s not only a song title, binte biluhuta is a corn soup from Gorontalo. Gorontalo province is known as the largest corn producer in Indonesia. Beside as an export commodity, sweet corns are main ingredients in […]

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  • Sup Brenebon

    Sup Brenebon Recipe (Manado Red Kidney Bean Soup)

    FollowShare Can you believe that I made this dish in a microwave. Our AC didn’t work (and still doesn’t, the maintenance guy is still on holiday), in order to reduce the heat, I made the soup with microwave. It was really hot here. About 32 […]

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  • Indonesian Amaranth Clear Soup

    Sayur Bening Bayam Merah Recipe (Indonesian Red Amaranth Clear Soup)

    FollowShare At least once a week, I had this Sayur Bening Bayam when I still resided at my parents’ house. It’s very light soup with lots of health benefits. As my maternal side is Eastern Javanese, we enjoy this with dadar jagung (Indonesian corn fritters/pancakes) […]

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  • Sop Buntut Bakar

    Sop Buntut Bakar (Indonesian Grilled Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Some restaurants in Indonesia serve sop buntut goreng or fried oxtail soup which I think it’s to heavy. Oxtail has a rich taste and when we fry it, we will add more fat. I know fat, fried and greasy stuffs are yummy. I did […]

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  • Malaysian Prawn Noodle

    Mi Udang (Malaysian Prawn Noodle)

    FollowShare I beg your pardon for my laziness here. This evening, I made a very quick supper. With prawns, water spinach (Indonesian: kangkung), bean sprouts and shanghai/mandarin noodle in the fridge, I made Malaysian Prawn Noodle. I have got three different packages of Tean’s Gourmet […]

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  • Indonesian Beefball Soup

    Bakso Campur Recipe (Indonesian Mixed Meatballs Soup)

    FollowShare Bakso is such a staple meatballs soup in Indonesia and enjoyed by people at any ages. It’s important to eat it with sambal bakso. I’ll post the sambal bakso soon. I grew up with bakso Malang style. When I was a kid, I recalled […]

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  • Indonesian Oxtail Soup

    Sop Buntut (Indonesian Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sop or Sup is Indonesian word for Soup. Oxtail soup is one of my favourite soup. I sometimes created the oxtail soup into grilled oxtail soup. Fried oxtail soup is also another style of this one. However, I am trying not to have it, […]

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  • Gulai Manis Rajungan

    Gulai Manis Rajungan Recipe (West Sumatran Blue Crab Curry)

    FollowShare After four years in the Great White North, I am brave enough to cook crabs. You may remember that I turned a Pacific dungeness crab into an Indonesian Chili Crab (Kepiting Saus Padang).  I used to have crabs in Indonesia, but never cooked them […]

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  • Indonesian Beef Tripe

    Soto Babat Recipe (Indonesian Beef Tripe Soup)

    FollowShare Don’t get bored if I’m posting another soup today. A week ago, it still felt like fall, but as of three days ago, snow has made everywhere white. I guess Manitoba will have a white Christmas this year. A short cut to make this […]

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  • Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda

    Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda Recipe (Indonesian Green Pepaya in Spiced Coconut Milk with Rice Cake)

    FollowShare I finally posted a recipe of Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda Udang or Green Pepaya and Shrimp in Spiced Coconut Milk with Rice Cakes as the last series of Eid ul Fitr dishes 2009. Traditionally, lontong is made by partly cooking or soaking raw rice, […]

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