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  • Bali Spiced Freshwater Snail Soup

    Kakul Mekuah Recipe (Bali Freshwater Snail Soup)

    FollowShare Kakul is the Balinese term for freshwater snail. In Indonesian term, it’s known as keong sawah. As you may notice that Indonesia is a country with many dialects, I have known two other names; kreco in Surabayan (East Javanese) and tutut in Sundanese (West […]

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  • Escargot Macaroni

    Garlic Butter Snails Macaroni

    FollowShare This is not a typical food that I cook everyday. I only make if I’m lazy or no time to cook. As I’m a person who likes using a bit heat in food, I throw some slices of red chili. The dish looked too […]

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  • Baked Rosemary Escargot

    Baked Rosemary Escargot Recipe

    FollowShare While I was in Indonesia, it was pretty popular with sate bekicot (snail satay or sate) or keripik bekicot (snail’s crackers). I was tempted to play around with my rosemary and added into my escargot a. k. a snail.   Ingredients: 1 can escargot, […]

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