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  • Hazelnut Pudding

    Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding Recipe

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love the combination chocolate and hazelnuts?   If you love both combination as I do, you will love this Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding.  This recipe was actually the twist from my old post, Ultimate Chocolate Pudding.  You may or may not see my […]

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  • Hazelnut Milk

    Hazelnut Milk Recipe

    FollowShare In our fridge, we barely have milk but we always have soy milk and almond milk which are easy to get at any grocery stores. However, in Canada any non dairy milks are labeled under beverage so they are known for soy beverage and […]

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  • Indonesian Chewy Balls

    Cilok / Pentol Recipe (Indonesian Chewy Balls)

    FollowShare These chewy balls are a part of my childhood snack.  If Korea has tteokkochi (ddeokkochi) or tteokbokki (ddeokbokki), Indonesia has cilok or pentol. Different place different name!  In East Java, these chewy balls are known as Pentol.  Moved to west part of Java, I’ve […]

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  • Pineapple Peanut Sauce

    Indonesian Seafood Dipping Sauce Recipe (Pineapple Peanut Sauce)

    FollowShare This is the most common seafood dipping sauce in Indonesia, Saus Nanas Kacang (Pineapple Peanut Sauce). While the North Americans love to dip their seafood in melted butter, Indonesians love to dip in to pineapple peanut sauce. When I resided in Bogor, I often […]

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  • Rujak Manis

    Rujak Manis (Fruit Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce)

    FollowShare This is my third guest post for Malaysian bloggers.  Leemei Tan is a very talented food photographer that I’ve known; beautiful photos, recipes and travel notes. About a week ago, she sent an email and offered me to be her blog’s guest writer.  Thank […]

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  • Hến Xào Xúc Bánh Tráng

    Vietnamese Stir Fried Baby Clams with Sesame Rice Crackers Recipe (Hến Xào Xúc Bánh Tráng)

    FollowShare Before I go any further, I need to make it clear. Bánh Tráng Me (Bánh Da) is not the same with banh trang. Bánh Tráng Me (Bánh Ða) is not the rice paper for wrapping the spring roll or summer roll. Also, the complete […]

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  • Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

    Homemade Ferrero Rocher (Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles) Recipe

    FollowShare Who can’t resist the treat of Ferrero Rocher? A famous Italian chocolate hazelnut that is produced by Ferrero SpA which is also the producer of Tic Tac and Nutella. Original Ferrero Rocher consists a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled […]

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  • Pecel

    Pecel Recipe (Java Style Salad with Peanut Sambal)

    FollowShare As other Indonesian salads, pecel (or known as pecal) is enjoyed with a company of warmed cooked rice or lontong, other protein sources (such as fish, chicken, beef, tempe(h) or tofu) and crackers.  For those who know about gado-gado, lotek and karedok, you may love pecel […]

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  • Siomay Bandung

    Siomay Bandung Recipe (Bandung Steamed Dumplings with Peanut Sambal)

    FollowShare From the name siomay, you can tell this food had an influence from the Chinese who immigrated to Indonesia long time ago.  A word of siomay itself is derived from shaomai (also spelled shui mai, shu mai, sui mai, sui maai, shui mei, siu […]

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  • Madura Chicken Satay

    Sate Ayam Madura Recipe (Madura Style Chicken Saté)

    FollowShare Sate Ayam Madura is one of the classic sates that I grew up with. Sate is a very popular delicacy in Indonesia; Indonesia’s diverse ethnic groups’ culinary art have produced a wide variety of sates. Often readers asked me why some Indonesian sates/satays don’t […]

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