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  • Sawo

    Sapodilla (Sawo-Chiku)

    FollowShare Sapodilla or Sawo in Indonesian is one of tropical fruits that I grew up with. I’m pretty lucky with many different fresh tropical fruits and vegetables which Asian stores have in Winnipeg. Sapodilla is the fruit of Manilkara zapota. It has an unique flavour, […]

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  • How To Make a Clean Nasi Uduk

    How To Make A Clean Nasi Uduk

    FollowShare Nasi Uduk is very popular in Java especially West Java and Jakarta areas. It’s a Betawinese Scented coconut Rice. Many people asked me did you make your nasi uduk with a rice cooker or the old style one? Before I answered that question, I […]

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  • Cuka Aren&Cuka Lahang

    Canesugar and Nypa Sap Vinegars (Cuka Lahang and Cuka Aren)

    FollowShare I realized some of my Indonesian readers don’t know about Cuka Lahang (Canesugar Vinegar). This vinegar is used in West Java area more, especially for sate maranggi (Cianjur or Purawakarta Beef Sate). Another vinegar that I like to use is Cuka Aren (Nypa Sap […]

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  • Bunga Turi

    Bunga Turi (Sesbania grandiflora)

    FollowShare I call this bunga turi (in Javanese: kembang turi); literally translated bunga or kembang means flower and turi is the tree name for Sesbania grandiflora in Indonesian. Although I had bunga turi for the first time when I was a kid, I noticed some […]

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  • Jeruk Purut

    Kaffir Lime is not Jeruk Limo nor Jeruk Sambal

    FollowShare Kaffir Lime and Jeruk Limo are same green, small and very flavourful. What are the differences between kafiir lime and jeruk limo? Kaffir lime has a wrinkle skin and less juice, while jeruk limo is similar to regular lime’s look, but much more juice […]

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  • Wedang Jahe

    Wedang Jahe (Indonesian Ginger Tea)

    FollowShare The other day Wiffy of Noobcook posted about Intra brand of Indonesian ginger tea that she likes. I used to get that brand. However, since it’s pretty easy to make and no stock of that instant package at home, I just made it from […]

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  • Rosemary

    Rosemary, Transcend The Fragrant To Savour The Flavour

    FollowShare It’s such a beautiful name of herb, Rosemary. I felt in love with this herb and have been using for some of dishes, bread, lamb, escargot, soup etc. Enjoy the beautiful rosemary, folks!  

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  • Top 15 Indonesia Eats Recipes

    Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine

    FollowShare Cik Stella, one of my contacts at multiply was posting a Korean recipe “Dolsot Bibimbap” (bibimbap in a hot stone pot). She told that she is new to Korean cuisine. I offered her to post “Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine”. In NCC , Indonesian […]

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  • Batak Pepper

    Andaliman – A Family of Sichuan Pepper

    FollowShare Photo has been updated on October 1Being a half of Tapanuli (Batak) descendant, I should introduce Andaliman. In which a common ingredient to be used in North Sumatra. It’s added to many dishes such as arsik (cooked fish with spices) and sambal andaliman   Andaliman (Zanthoxylum […]

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