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  • Sambal Terasi Bilimbi

    Sambal Terasi Bilimbi

    FollowShare Growing up in the country where sambal is in every corner of food stalls or restaurants, I enjoy making my own sambal since moving to Canada.  Every household has a different style of sambal terasi and my family used to enhance with bilimbi as we grew […]

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  • Roasted Red Pepper

    Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic

    FollowShare You might notice that I haven’t posted as often as I did.  I was away for a while.  Before that, I made something quick for my sandwich.  To be honest, I’m not a sandwich person.  If I do want to eat it, I choose […]

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  • Gluten Free Apple Crumble | Indonesia Eats

    Apple Buckwheat Crumble (Gluten Free) Recipe

    FollowShare I got a bag of apples and didn’t know what to do, too many recipes out there.  Apple sauce, apple pie, chicken apple, you name it! Then, when I stopped by at Hyundae mart, I found a great deal on roasted buckwheat (kasha) and […]

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  • Durian Tarts

    Duri Durian(g) – Makassar Durian Tarts

    FollowShare This sweet treat has two slightly different name in bahasa Indonesia, Duri Duriang or Duri Durian which literally translated to English as Durian Thorns. I’d rather translate to Durian Tarts than Durian Thorns. I was quite surprised when I found some Indonesian fellows on […]

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  • Lontong Sayur for the Eid

    Lontong Sayur Padang for the Eid

    FollowShare First and foremost, I thanked you whoever joined my lunch invitation at Eid yesterday.  Every eid, I usually cook a special menu that I barely make.  This eid ul-fitr, I made Lontong Sayur Padang.  It’s supposed to be Ketupat Sayur Padang, but I don’t have […]

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  • Sawo

    Sapodilla (Sawo-Chiku)

    FollowShare Sapodilla or Sawo in Indonesian is one of tropical fruits that I grew up with. I’m pretty lucky with many different fresh tropical fruits and vegetables which Asian stores have in Winnipeg. Sapodilla is the fruit of Manilkara zapota. It has an unique flavour, […]

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  • Es Timun Aceh

    Ie Boh Timon Recipe (Aceh Cucumber Limeade)

    FollowShare  August 1, 2010 Update: This post was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 todayCucumbers and key limes are on season. What do you think about a combination of cucumber and lime? or have you heard cucumber limeade before? Cucumber limeade was one of my childhood […]

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  • Sambal Terasi Lemon Cui

    Sambal Terasi Lemon Cui Recipe (Sambal Terasi Calamansi)

    FollowShare I love using calamansi since it’s really good for your sambal and grilled fish. Winnipeg has the largest Filipino community in Canada. That is one of my blesses being in Winnipeg.  Easy access to Asian products, including fresh calamansi. Indonesians that know about calamansi […]

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  • Jeruk Purut

    Kaffir Lime is not Jeruk Limo nor Jeruk Sambal

    FollowShare Kaffir Lime and Jeruk Limo are same green, small and very flavourful. What are the differences between kafiir lime and jeruk limo? Kaffir lime has a wrinkle skin and less juice, while jeruk limo is similar to regular lime’s look, but much more juice […]

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  • Indonesian Avocado Shake

    Jus Alpukat Recipe (Indonesian Avocado Blended/Shake)

    FollowShare For people who only know that avocado is added into savoury dish, I’ll tell you something about avocado. I grew up with fresh fruit shake that we can buy from the street food hawkers at most places in Indonesia. My favourite fruit shakes are […]

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