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  • Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau

    Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi Recipe (Indonesian Green Chili Fried Rice with Lemon Basil)

    FollowShare Nasi goreng (fried rice) is a kind of signature dish in Indonesia. You can name many different variants. I bet you have seen some ready-to-use nasi goreng spices at grocery stores. To be honest, I only used that spices package of nasi goreng once. […]

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  • Braised Salmon Belly in Miso Sauce

    Braised Salmon Belly in Miso Sauce

    FollowShare This recipe is adapted from Saba no Miso-ni (Braised Mackerel in Miso Sauce). Gimli Fish Market is one of stores that I like to buy my fish. Last week, I bought a package of Pickerel Cheeks, Salmon Trims and Swordfish. Salmon trims are the […]

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  • Pickerel Cheeks

    Pan Fried Pickerel Cheeks with Lime Basils

    FollowShare July 26, 2010 Update: This post was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 today Pickerel is actually a name for Walleye (Sander vitreus, formerly Stizostedion vitreum).  In wikipedia, it’s explained that Walleye (Yellow Pickerel) is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and […]

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  • Mussels and King Oyster Mushroom Nuoc Mam Cham

    Nuoc Mam Cham Mussels and King Oyster Mushroom

    FollowShare I still have a bottle of nuoc mam cham in my fridge, the leftover from my post Bun Tong Nuong Cha Ram. At that time, I tripled the recipe since I really love the taste. Vietnamese herbs are plenty at the Asian markets in […]

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  • Gulai Kerapu Tauco

    Gulai Kerapu Tauco (Grouper Curry with Fermented Salted Soy Bean)

    FollowShare Gulai Kerapu Tauco is very interesting combination dish. Indonesian gulai is influenced by South Indian cuisine especially curry and by adding fermented salted soy bean sauce/paste (or tauco), it makes this dish very fusion. Tauco is a part of Peranakan ingredients in Indonesia. In […]

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  • Dashi

    Homemade Dashi Stocks

    FollowShare One day, I stumbled upon Serge the Concierge. Serge Lescouarnec, the owner of the blog offered a Cooking and Manga on Menu for Everyday Harumi book contest part 3. I submitted my answer of a Manga on Food and Cooking. Manga was a part […]

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  • Pepes Ikan woku

    Teach a Man to Fish: Pepes Ikan Woku (Manado Woku Spiced Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves)

    FollowShare I just realized that there is the 3rd annual Teach a Man to Fish as the latest intake is October 31. Better to get hurry before I let it pass again since I missed the 2nd one. As a girl who grew up in the […]

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  • Tumis Pare Tauco

    Stir Fry Bittermelon and Anchovies with Tauco Recipe (Tumis Pare Teri Bumbu Tauco)

    FollowShare Tauco are salted fermented soybeans and pronounced tow chow. They were brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants. It has cooperated with Indonesian culinary for centuries. Each regions of Indonesia have different type of tauco. It can be combined with fish, chicken, vegetable, tofu etc.Tauco […]

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  • Collage Eid

    Indonesian Eid ul-Fitr Dishes 2009

    FollowShare I posted these hidangan lebaran longer than I thought. Hidangan Lebaran literally means Eid ul-Fitr dishes. In Indonesia, we call Eid ul-Fitr for Idul Fitri or Lebaran. On this day, Indonesians usually make special dishes. I didn’t really think to make special ones as […]

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  • Gulai Paku

    Gulai Paku (Pakis) – Minang Fiddleheads Curry

    FollowShare Edible fiddleheads are only available during late May to early June in Manitoba, Canada. It means I only eat once a year since I moved to this country. Since my father was a part of Sumatrans, our family used to have edible fidleheads for […]

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