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  • Dadar Jagung

    Dadar Jagung (Indonesian Corn Fritters)

    FollowShare Can you believe there are three names for these corn fritters in Indonesian? Dadar Jagung, Bakwan Jagung and Perkedel Jagung. Did you recognize one word is the same? …. Yes, you are right! It’s Jagung which means corn. I believe, every region has a […]

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  • Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dumplings

    Vietnamese Glutinous Rice Dumplings Recipe (Bánh Trôi)

    FollowShare I was first interested to bánh trôi when I saw pictures of Vietnamese foods that taken by one of Indonesian foodies during his travel to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Hanoi. At one of his pictures, he stated that he forgot the food […]

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  • Indonesian Wonton

    Fried Wonton Recipe (Pangsit Goreng)

    FollowShare Wontons are one of my comfort food, either in deep fry, steam or soup base. I sometimes bake them as well. In Indonesia, wontons (deep fried or steamed) are used for a companion to eat bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup). You can be creative with […]

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  • Chinatown

    Happy Hour at Dim Sum Garden

    FollowShare Last Saturday (March 29, 2008) was only 2C, but it had sleeted as you can see in the first picture, the road was so nasty. I was quite upset with the pictures here. It was my mistake too, I was in rush to take […]

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  • Potsticker

    [Food Photo] Potstickers in Red Sauce

    FollowShare Potsticker is a term for kind of dumpling in North America, for Gyoza in Japanese, Mandu in Korean, Guotie in Chinese. Whatever you call, these potstickers were served in red sauce. The red sauce was made by mixing sesame teriyaki ginger sauce and gochujang […]

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  • Holubtsi

    Holubtsi Recipe (Ukrainian Stuffed Cabbage Roll)

    FollowShare I bought a whole cabbage for making siomay bandung (Bandung style fish steamed dumpling), had lots leftover since I didn’t need too much cabbage for that. I browsed a recipe of Holubtsi. I see this dish every special day or season at my husband’s […]

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  • Bakso Ayam Wortel

    Chicken Carrot Balls Recipe (Bakso Ayam Wortel)

    FollowShare One you should remember this recipe is just my idea but absolutely worth to try. You can add into your soup or just eat the way it is by dipping in hot sauce or other sauce that you like. Ingredients: 350 frozen ground lean […]

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