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  • Spanakopita

    Spanakopita Recipe

    FollowShare Spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie which is a perfect treat for those who ¬†still consume cheese or dairy products. Most of the Greek restaurants that I have been to, have a triangle shape for spanakopita. I kept delaying to make this, because I […]

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  • Tiramisu

    Classic Tiramisu Recipe No Egg and Alcohol

    FollowShare A once-in-a-while dessert full of the things you’d love to have every day, but know you shouldn’t. I would not make tiramisu if I didn’t have mascarpone leftover from making berry mascarpone mini tarts. A classic tiramisu without egg and alcohol added. Substituted marsala […]

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  • 4.0M DigitalCAM

    Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes

    FollowShare If you notice this picture has the date stamp in 2006. Yups, I did take this picture in 2006 with my old digital camera UMAX Powercam Z432 and I posted the recipe at http://evimeinar.multiply.com/recipes/item/183 before. This recipe was modified from a cookbook Making It […]

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  • Penne Mushroom Cheese Sauce

    Penne with Mushroom Cheese Sauce

    FollowShare My husband has eaten many varieties of Asian food, especially Indonesian food. However, he sometimes misses his food which means a western style food. He was begging me couple times to cook for him :D. I finally did his request. Since he is a […]

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