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  • Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda

    Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda Recipe (Indonesian Green Pepaya in Spiced Coconut Milk with Rice Cake)

    FollowShare I finally posted a recipe of Lontong Sayur Pepaya Muda Udang or Green Pepaya and Shrimp in Spiced Coconut Milk with Rice Cakes as the last series of Eid ul Fitr dishes 2009. Traditionally, lontong is made by partly cooking or soaking raw rice, […]

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  • Indonesoan Goat Curry

    Gulai Kambing (Indonesian Goat Curry)

    FollowShare Slowly but sure, I will post the recipe of Eid ul-Fitr. You can tell by the ingredients, this Gulai Kambing or Goat Curry was influenced by Indian culinary. I enjoyed the Gulai Kambing with lontong (Indonesian rice cake) or nasi (warmed steamed rice). This […]

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  • Collage Eid

    Indonesian Eid ul-Fitr Dishes 2009

    FollowShare I posted these hidangan lebaran longer than I thought. Hidangan Lebaran literally means Eid ul-Fitr dishes. In Indonesia, we call Eid ul-Fitr for Idul Fitri or Lebaran. On this day, Indonesians usually make special dishes. I didn’t really think to make special ones as […]

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  • Gulai Paku

    Gulai Paku (Pakis) – Minang Fiddleheads Curry

    FollowShare Edible fiddleheads are only available during late May to early June in Manitoba, Canada. It means I only eat once a year since I moved to this country. Since my father was a part of Sumatrans, our family used to have edible fidleheads for […]

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  • Salmon Burger Patty

    Salmon Burger Patties

    FollowShare Due to my busy days, I barely posted each recipes that I have tried, created or modified the past two months. However, laziness is still with me. I still had 2 small BBQ potatoes from Father’s day at my laws family. I had fresh […]

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  • Gulai Ikan Kembung Aceh

    Mackerel Curry-Aceh Style (Gulai Ikan Kembung Khas Aceh)

    FollowShare This recipe was inspired by Deetha of Mlebu Pawon, my foodie fellow, who shares the same passion with me; we love Acehnese food. I have differences in cooking method and some ingredients. I marinated the fish with calamansi and baked it while Deetha used […]

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  • Caribbean Chickpeas Vegetable Roti Recipe

    Caribbean Chickpeas Vegetable Roti Recipe

    FollowShare I still remember somebody asked for a recipe of Caribbean Roti that I had at Tropikis while I posted a review of Tropikis here. According to one of our friends who is her family from Caribbean islands (I’m not sure which country), they say […]

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  • Kari Deli 1

    Kari Deli with Roti Jala (Beef Curry-Deli Style with Net Flatbread)

    FollowShare Star Anise I bet everyone knows what star anise is. Star anise (in bahasa Indonesia known as bunga lawang or pekak) is a spice that resembles anise’s flavor with star-shaped pericarp of Illicium verum, a small native evergreen tree of southwest China. The star […]

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  • Japanese Curry

    Japanese Curry

    FollowShare I grew up with Japanese cartoon characters. One of my favourites was “Born To Cook”.  It was about a young guy who really wanted to be a chef. He had a cooking battle like Iron Chef.  As I remember he cooked Japanese Style Curry, […]

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