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  • Ayam Garo Rica

    Ayam Garo Rica Recipe (Manado Chili and Lime Basil Chicken)

    FollowShare Longing to make this Ayam Garo Rica for so long! Ayam Garo Rica (Manadonese Chili and Lime Basil Chicken). In the local dialect, Garo means stir fry and Rica means chili pepper. All I had to do was being patience until my red long […]

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  • Indonesian Chicken Noodle

    Mie Ayam Jamur (Indonesian Chicken Mushroom Noodle) Recipe

    FollowShare Bakmi Ayam Jamur is another name for Mie Ayam Jamur.  It’s another typical of Indonesian Chinese cuisine or we call it “Peranakan”.   According to wikipedia, Indonesian-Chinese Food is characterized by the combination of the Chinese and the local Indonesian style.  Adding chili, santan (coconut […]

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  • Indonesian Wonton

    Fried Wonton Recipe (Pangsit Goreng)

    FollowShare Wontons are one of my comfort food, either in deep fry, steam or soup base. I sometimes bake them as well. In Indonesia, wontons (deep fried or steamed) are used for a companion to eat bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup). You can be creative with […]

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  • Ayam Goreng Kuning

    Ayam Goreng Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Yellow Fried Chicken)

    FollowShare Do you see the small bowl on the picture? That bowl has water and a slice of lime to rinse off your hand before and after eating. Yes! Traditionally, we use a right hand to eat, no cutlery.   Ayam Goreng Kuning is one […]

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  • Bubur Ayam Kuning

    Bubur Ayam Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Yellow Chicken Congee)

    FollowShare Bubur Ayam (Chicken Congee or Chicken Rice Porridge) is a breakfast style of people who live in western part of Java island in Indonesia. I used to consume this once I moved to Bogor. There are some different types of chicken congee depend on […]

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  • Barbequed Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce

    Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak (BBQ Chicken with Chili Coconut Sauce)

    FollowShare The last time, I had this barbecued chicken when I still lived at my parent’s house. I never made this before and decided making it for the food photo’s purpose of Indonesian Food Festival 2009 which is hosted by Indonesian Student Group of Winnipeg […]

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  • Phoenix tlons

    Phoenix Talons a.k.a Fenghuang Claws – For the Love of Dim Sum

    FollowShare My beloved mom used to tell story on how I grew up, “when you were a baby and your teeth would grow, just like other babies, you loved to bite everything as you had an itchy gum. Instead of seeing you biting the toys, […]

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  • cakarayam1

    Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce

    FollowShare If you go to Dimsum restaurants, you will see chicken feet on the menu. They usually add angkak (also known as Beni-koji, Hong Qu, Hung-chu, Monascus; Red Koji, Red Leaven, Red Rice, Red Yeast Rice, Xue Zhi Kang, Zhitai) to get red effect in […]

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  • Bakso Ayam Wortel

    Chicken Carrot Balls Recipe (Bakso Ayam Wortel)

    FollowShare One you should remember this recipe is just my idea but absolutely worth to try. You can add into your soup or just eat the way it is by dipping in hot sauce or other sauce that you like. Ingredients: 350 frozen ground lean […]

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  • Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

    FollowShare Renewed picture on Oct 4, 2011 Hainanese Chicken Rice is popular to be known as Nasi Ayam Hainan or Hainam in Indonesia. There are many different version of Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is the one that I know. Hainan Island is the smallest province […]

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