Sop Buntut Bakar (Indonesian Grilled Oxtail Soup)

Some restaurants in Indonesia serve sop buntut goreng or fried oxtail soup which I think it’s to heavy. Oxtail has a rich taste and when we fry it, we will add more fat.

I know fat, fried and greasy stuffs are yummy. I did grill, not because a healthy purpose. But, I sometimes hate frying when it’s summer. It makes the air in my home hotter and sticky meanwhile the temperature outside has been hot.

Sop or sup is an Indonesian word for soup.  How to make this yummy soup. Take a look my old post of Sop Buntut. After following that recipe, next step is grilling or barbecuing on your BBQ. You can broil the oxtail in the oven as well.

Willing to make a different kind of sop buntut? Try sop buntut rempah – oxtail spiced soup. It has more complex spices such as cardamom and star anise.

I served oxtail separately from the broth soup. Off course, I never forget with sambal. I love eating oxtail soup with sambal lado mudo (green chilies sambal).

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