Sambal Serai Udang Recipe (Prawns Lemongrass Sambal)

I recalled that I made this dish in 2007. I think Little Corner of Mine and Tigerfish remember this recipe as well.

It is an adaptation recipe of Sambal Serai Kepah (English: Clams Lemongrass Sambal) which I saw on Indonesian women magazine “Kartini” through

In that article, it was saying that the food is served twice a year every Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Adha on tradition “Menjunjung Duli” in the Sultanante of Deli, Medan, North Sumatra. At those days, Maimun Palace or Maimoon Palace is opened for public to say Happy Eid to Sultan of Deli and the families. The current Sultan of Deli is Tuanku Sultan Mahmud.

So, this dish is a part of Malay “Melayu” culinary of Kesultanan Deli in Medan, North Sumatra.

Sambal Serai Udang
– Prawns Lemongrass Sambal –

recipe: Kartini magazine, modified by me

500 g prawns
1 lime
Salt as desired
200 ml coconut milk
20 lemongrasses, chopped (I substituted for ½ – 1 cup ground lemon grass)
1 cm long fresh galangal, crushed
asam gelugur as desired (Malay: asam gelugor)

spices to be ground:
10 long red chilies / cayenne peppers
7 shallots
3 cloves garlic

1 cm long fresh galangal
1 cm long fresh turmeric

1. Squeeze lime and sprinkle salt over the prawns. Marinate for 15 minutes.
2. In a pan, add oil and heat the oil at medium-high. Stir fry ground spices, galangal, and lemon grass until fragrant.
3. Add prawns, stir evenly, then add coconut milk, salt, sugar and asam gelugur. Cook until hydrated. Set aside. It was suggested to serve this with ketupat (rice cake in coconut leaves).

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