Rujak Manis (Fruit Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce)

This is my third guest post for Malaysian bloggers.  Leemei Tan is a very talented food photographer that I’ve known; beautiful photos, recipes and travel notes.

About a week ago, she sent an email and offered me to be her blog’s guest writer.  Thank you for the offer! I replied that I have rujak manis picture ready to post. She gave me a freedom to choose what food and when I’m ready to do so. There is no deadline and no pressure as she told me.  She agreed with my choice.

Rujak Manis (or known for rujak buah in other parts of the country) is a fruit salad which is served with spicy peanut sauce. This time I picked the Surabaya style rujak manis. This rujak manis is one of many rujaks that I grew up with.  For Malaysian and Singaporean, rujak is pronounced as rojak.  There are several versions of rujak in Indonesia. As a person who grew up in East Java, I know rujak manis, rujak Madura, rujak cingur which have differences in sauce.

Beside using many different tropical fruits, the Surabaya style rujak manis is added with slices of fried tofu.

  • cashew fruit
  • ambarella (kedondong)
  • sweet potato
  • medium riped papaya
  • green mango
  • pineapple
  • jicama (bengkuang)
  • starfruit (belimbing)
  • rose apple/water apple (jambu air)
  • guava (jambu)
  • granny smith apple

How to make the sauce? Go find out on My Cooking Hut.

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