Pho No 1

There are so many Vietnamese restaurants in Winnipeg. I heard about Pho No 1 from some other Indonesian friends. One time, I was meeting up one Indonesian foodie who lives in Winnipeg as well. Fitri was suggesting to meet at Nou Eul Tor, a Korean restaurant on Sargent. However, the restaurant was closed on Tuesday, so we decided to go to another Asian restaurant. She said let’s try Rice Bowl, a Filipino, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant. I was more interested to try one dish of Vietnamese there. When I took a look the menu, both of us were saying the same “not many Vietnamese choices here”. I said let’s move to Pho No 1 since Fitri likes this place better.

The room was full, only one table was empty. The waiter was asking us to sit there. We finally sat down inside Pho No 1 and read the menu. I observed the place and people. Most of the customers were non Caucasians, but I did see some Caucasians.

After about 3 minutes, I saw there was another empty table which close to the window. I requested to move to that table.

After flipping some pages on the menu, I decided to go for a bowl of Bun Bo Noung (Vietnamese Grilled Beef Vermicelli). The beef was seasoned perfectly and tender. This place has reasonable prices with bigger portions too. I definitely will go back there to try other Vietnamese dishes. This place is always packed during lunch and dinner time, so you may avoid those hours.

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An Indonesian born who lives in Winnipeg, Canada for more than a decade and decided to move a bit west. Edmonton is now where she is based on. Indonesia Eats is a memoir of her homeland.