Pecel Terong Tempe (Surabaya Steamed Eggplants and Tempe with Spiced Coconut Milk Sauce)

My… my… my… this is one of my soulfood. I had been tempted to make it long time ago, but I kept delaying. Finally, I made this by adapting mbak Emi’s recipe. According mbak Emi, she didn’t add any shallot, but I did add a shallot in, but don’t add to much or you will ruin the taste. She was right not to add shallot in.

While I was trying to translate this recipe’s name into English, it looks such a long name, while in bahasa Indonesia itself has a more simple name.

Back then, my family used to add boiled eggs as well. Anyway, this recipe was posted on my multiply on November 20, 2007.

150 g Asian eggplants
175 g tempe
300 ml coconut milk (not too thick not too thin)
salt and sugar to season

Grind into a paste
3 cloves garlic
1 shallot (better skip this)
3 candlenuts, toasted
1/2 tsp terasi (dried shrimp paste), toasted
2 red chillies
3 bird’s eye chillies (add more if you like spicy)
2 cm kencur (also known as kaempferia galangal)
3 kaffir lime leaves

Steam tempe and eggplants.

In a pot, add coconut milk, spiced paste, salt and sugar. Simmer for couple minutes until thicken and well mixed.

Place eggplants and tempe on a serving plate. Pour the coconut milk mixture over. Depress eggplants and tempe a bit, so they will be mixed with the sauce.

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An Indonesian-born who lived in Winnipeg, Canada for more than a decade prior to move to Edmonton in 2017. Indonesia Eats is a memoir of her homeland.