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    Vietnamese Pennywort Drink Recipe (Nuoc Rau Ma)

    FollowShare This is another use of Pennywort in Southeast Asian cuisine, Nước Rau Má. On my previous post, I served pennywort for making Acehnese pennywort sambal, Sambai On Peuga-ga. My introduction to this drink was happened on my early year living in Winnipeg. I first […]

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  • Sambai on Peuga-ga2

    Sambai On Peuga-ga Recipe (Aceh Pennywort Sambal – Sambal Pegagan)

    FollowShare Sambai On Peuga-ga or can be translated as Aceh Style Pennywort Sambal or Sambal Pegagan Aceh in Indonesian.  I was making this sambal for the first time in 2007 and fell in love with the taste. As a long weekend approached us last week in Canada, I […]

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  • Pegagan

    Pennywort (Pegagan)

    FollowShare Pegagan or Pennywort (centella asiatica) is not common to be used in Indonesian cooking.  It’s more useable for a herbal medicine.  Hence, there is an exceptional in Indonesian culinary.  Aceh food has been using pennyworth to make sambal and it’s named Sambai on Peuga-ga (Sambal […]

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    Worst Vindaloo at Rasoi the Kitchen

    FollowShare Vindaloo has always been my favourite since I have known Indian food. I’m sorry I’m not a big fan of butter chicken. I have had vindaloo from some different Indian restaurants in town. I recalled I had lamb vindaloo from Rasoi before and it […]

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  • Vintage Stuffs

    Food Props Craziness at Thirsty’s Flea Market, Winnipeg

    FollowShare Flea market is one of my favourit places to hunt food props.  The reason we were at Thirsty’s Flea Market wasn’t for my food props craziness, but for my husband favourite, comics. Therefore, I was the person who brought goodies home 🙂 An old […]

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  • IE 1

    Kuih Spera Recipe (Malaysian Curry Puff with Coconut Filling)

    FollowShare Kuih Spera or as Lisa from Lemony Kitchen explained it’s similar to curry puff but with coconut filling. For Indonesians Curry Puff is pretty much a buddy of Pastel or Jalakote. When I approached Lisa to be my first Malaysian guest post I simply […]

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  • Mie_Goreng_2

    Mie Goreng, Bamie (Indonesian Fried Noodles), Guest Post at Wok with Ray

    FollowShare As an Indonesian who ate ample mie goreng (or Dutch call it bamie) from street hawkers back when I was in Indonesia or from my late mom’s kitchen, I was guilty to not share this easy recipe long time ago. Until last January, another […]

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  • Beef Pho

    Asia City Asian Bistro and Express for Phở Bò and Bánh Mi

    FollowShare Growing up with bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup), soon when I was introduced to Phở Bò, this food became one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. Asia City has offered a cheap deal for Phở and Bánh Mi (Vietnamese Subs) at lunch hour. To me the […]

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  • Other featured blogs

    Featured on Jelita March 2012, Malaysian Magazine

    FollowShare Indonesia Eats is featured on Jelita March 2012 issue!! With 2 other food bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore! Thanks to my Malaysian fellow, Love to Cook Malaysia for informing me.

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  • Es Teler

    Es Teler Recipe (Indonesian Iced Mix Fruit)

    FollowShare Beside Es Campur (iced mix), Es teler is another mix ice that Indonesians are fond of. The Westerners may think es teler as a cold dessert but the Indonesian categorizes it as a beverage 🙂 The basic es teler mainly uses avocado, jackfruit and […]

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