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  • Ayam Goreng Kuning

    Ayam Goreng Kuning Recipe (Indonesian Yellow Fried Chicken)

    FollowShare Do you see the small bowl on the picture? That bowl has water and a slice of lime to rinse off your hand before and after eating. Yes! Traditionally, we use a right hand to eat, no cutlery.   Ayam Goreng Kuning is one […]

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  • Sambal Tempe Penyet

    Sambal Tempe Penyet (Eastern Javanese Crushed Tempe Sambal)

    FollowShare I won’t try to spell tempeh since the correct one is tempe. As I recalled tempe is one of the cheapest protein sources in Indonesia. It’s very different in Canada. Tempe is pretty expensive and can’t be found for purchased in every grocery stores, […]

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  • Squid Curry Stuffed With Tofu

    Squid Curry Stuffed With Tofu (Minang Gulai Cumi Isi Tahu)

    FollowShare Spring Cleaning! I’m doing the spring cleaning for my freezer, so don’t get bored if I post about squid, fish, and shrimp for the next couple months. This time, I tried a recipe from another blogger, Gulai Cumi Isi Tahu (English: Minangese Squid Curry […]

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  • 4503725864_5c7a0d77b7_b

    Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong – Super Duper Garlicky Deep Fried Shrimp

    FollowShare Udang ala Bie Fong Tong or Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong.  One of Indonesian bloggers, cik Ine popularized this recipe in 2006.  At that time, I still blogged on multiply where I met her and saw the recipe.  As she mentioned at […]

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  • Sup Ikan Nila Kuah Pedas – Hot and Sour Tilapia Soup

    Sup Ikan Nila Kuah Pedas – Hot and Sour Tilapia Soup

    FollowShare Well, I left my blog for a month. First and foremost, I was sick for almost two weeks. I was attacked by a bad virus. Plus, I had to catch up with my work after I got back to the office. Hence, I kept […]

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  • Indonesian Oxtail Soup

    Sop Buntut (Indonesian Oxtail Soup)

    FollowShare Sop or Sup is Indonesian word for Soup. Oxtail soup is one of my favourite soup. I sometimes created the oxtail soup into grilled oxtail soup. Fried oxtail soup is also another style of this one. However, I am trying not to have it, […]

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  • Too Late to Say Gong Xi Fa Chai?

    Too Late to Say Gong Xi Fa Chai?

    FollowShare When I was 13 years old, our family moved to a residential area that had more Chinese descendants. My dad decided to move there since his work was remote to Surabaya. In that area, I had more opportunity to know their culture, including the […]

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  • Lumpia Semarang 2

    Lumpia Semarang Recipe (Semarang Style Springroll)

    FollowShare Lumpia Semarang is known as a street hawker food in Indonesia that you can get everywhere and cheap in the country. Also it was one of my favourite street foods. It is served with brown sauce and cucumber shallot pickle. This recipe was modified […]

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  • Wedang Jahe

    Wedang Jahe (Indonesian Ginger Tea)

    FollowShare The other day Wiffy of Noobcook posted about Intra brand of Indonesian ginger tea that she likes. I used to get that brand. However, since it’s pretty easy to make and no stock of that instant package at home, I just made it from […]

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  • Indonesian Grilled Squids

    Indonesian Grilled Squids with Sweet Soy Sauce Recipe (Cumi Bakar Kecap)

    FollowShare I have taken so many pictures lately, but didn’t have time to post them on blogspot. Challenging my self to 365 days project is what I have been doing. This project is to explore more your photography skill by doing things that we don’t […]

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