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  • Tteokbokki

    Easy Tteokbokki/Ddeokbokki Recipe

    FollowShare Tteokbokki or ddeokbokki is my another favourite of Korean foods. I usually made it from scratch. I meant I didn’t make it from a pre-package of Tteokbokki sauce, just like when I made tteokochi or ddeok-kkochi. When I drove from Pembina area and would […]

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  • St Norbert Farmers’ Market

    St Norbert Farmers’ Market

    FollowShare I’m always excited about Farmers’ Market which it used to be part of my job. The St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is the biggest farmers’ market in Manitoba. This year is the second year I visited St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. On Saturday, June 5, I […]

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  • Sambal Terasi Lemon Cui

    Sambal Terasi Lemon Cui Recipe (Sambal Terasi Calamansi)

    FollowShare I love using calamansi since it’s really good for your sambal and grilled fish. Winnipeg has the largest Filipino community in Canada. That is one of my blesses being in Winnipeg.  Easy access to Asian products, including fresh calamansi. Indonesians that know about calamansi […]

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  • Cha Ram

    Vietnamese Shrimp Egg Rolls Recipe (Cha Ram)

    FollowShare This time I made the shrimp version of Vietnamese Egg Rolls to complete my Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Rice Vermicelli (Bun Tom Nuong).  Compare to Indonesian lumpia, Cha Ram (Vietnamese Shrimp Egg Rolls) is very simple to make.  Enjoy this cha ram with any of your favourite […]

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  • Bun Tom Nuong

    Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp Rice Vermicelli Recipe (Bun Tom Nuong)

    FollowShare A post of A Food Lover’s Journey for Delicious Vietnam #2 announcement caught my attention. I asked her if I’m allowed to participate since I am just a fan of Vietnamese food. So, I decided to be a part of Delicious Vietnam #2 who […]

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  • Jeruk Purut

    Kaffir Lime is not Jeruk Limo nor Jeruk Sambal

    FollowShare Kaffir Lime and Jeruk Limo are same green, small and very flavourful. What are the differences between kafiir lime and jeruk limo? Kaffir lime has a wrinkle skin and less juice, while jeruk limo is similar to regular lime’s look, but much more juice […]

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  • Tahu Isi 1

    Fried Stuffed Tofu Recipe (Tahu Isi)

    FollowShare These Deep Fried Stuffed Tofus have some different names in Indonesia beside Tahu Isi such as Tahu Berontak, Gehu, Tahu Bunting, Tahu Susur, Tahu Sumpel. Since I grew up in East Java, I know the name of this dish is Tahu Berontak. Literally, Tahu […]

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  • Padang Satay

    Sate Padang Recipe (Padang Saté)

    FollowShare People may be known this as satay, but we spelled this out “sate” and pronounce as “saté”.  There are many varieties of sate in Indonesia; peanut, sweet soy sauce or curry base.  Sate Padang is one that has curry base sauce. It consists similarity […]

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  • Indonesian Avocado Shake

    Jus Alpukat Recipe (Indonesian Avocado Blended/Shake)

    FollowShare For people who only know that avocado is added into savoury dish, I’ll tell you something about avocado. I grew up with fresh fruit shake that we can buy from the street food hawkers at most places in Indonesia. My favourite fruit shakes are […]

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  • Anyang

    Anyang Pakis – North Sumatran Fiddleheads with Spicy Grated Coconut

    FollowShare Fiddleheads remind me of my family old time favourite food, Gulai Pakis. Gulai is an Indonesian curry base. When I was a kid, I gave these greens special name “sayur belalai gajah”. Sayur means vegetable, belalai means trunk and gajah means elephant. So, literally […]

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