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  • Ebi

    Ground Dried Shrimp (Ebi Tumbuk)

    FollowShare What do you do when you have a package of dried shrimp (ebi)? I know what I do.  Take my spice grinder out from  my cabinet.  Dump the dried shrimp in the grinder and process it.Then, I keep it in a tight glass jar. […]

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  • Malang Chicken Noodle

    Cwi Mie Malang Recipe (Malang-Style Chicken Noodle)

    FollowShare Did you notice that I often write “region” then “style” for a name of recipe?  Since each region has different specialty for a dish, I often do it to make sure where this dish came from. Malang is a city in East Java and isn’t that […]

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  • Atjar

    Acar Recipe (Indonesian Pickle)

    FollowShare Acar (pronounce: aa-char) is the Indonesian word for pickle or the Dutch writes it atjar (an Indonesian old spelling). I believe the name of acar was influenced by the Indian traders who came to Indonesia long time ago. In Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, pickle […]

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  • Mie Rebus

    Bakmi Godhog Recipe (Java Style Boiled Noodle)

    FollowShare Besides bakmi, mie or mi is Indonesian words for noodle.  Godhog is a Javanese word for Rebus in Indonesian or Boiled in English.  So, Bakmi Godhog (or Mie/Mi Rebus) is literally translated Boiled Noodle in English. This Java style contains simpler spices compare to […]

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  • Lombok Kethok

    Lombok Kethok Recipe (Javanese Stir Fried Chilies)

    FollowShare This is my second time to do a guest post for another Malaysian blogger. Thank you to Ann for the opportunity.  Unfortunately, I kept postponing the write-up. Sorry Ann for that. Ann of Pigpigscorner is one of the bloggers who has made me drooled […]

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  • So Nice Giveaway!

    So Nice Giveaway!

    FollowShare I’m so excited about this So Nice giveaway as I have given a heads up on my White Asparagus post.    Thank you to Monica Hamburg who helps me making this happen. So Nice is one of non-dairy beverage brands that I often use.  Honestly, I only […]

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  • Crab Asparagus Soup

    Crab and Asparagus Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love this typical egg drop soup?  This Chinese style gooey soup is a memoir of my childhood.  Whenever we went to the Chinese restaurant, we chose this soup for appetizer.  Often, mom recreated it at home.  While mom added fresh crab especially […]

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  • White Asparagus and So Nice Giveaway Announcement

    White Asparagus and So Nice Giveaway Announcement

    FollowShare I just picked up a bunch of white asparagus from the market. Are you wondering what I’m going to make? I’ll make something on the weekend. Just a short announcement.  Through Indonesia Eats, So Nice, Canada’s largest sustainable organic soy beverage brand, will be giving […]

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  • Pecel

    Pecel Recipe (Java Style Salad with Peanut Sambal)

    FollowShare As other Indonesian salads, pecel (or known as pecal) is enjoyed with a company of warmed cooked rice or lontong, other protein sources (such as fish, chicken, beef, tempe(h) or tofu) and crackers.  For those who know about gado-gado, lotek and karedok, you may love pecel […]

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  • Siomay Bandung

    Siomay Bandung Recipe (Bandung Steamed Dumplings with Peanut Sambal)

    FollowShare From the name siomay, you can tell this food had an influence from the Chinese who immigrated to Indonesia long time ago.  A word of siomay itself is derived from shaomai (also spelled shui mai, shu mai, sui mai, sui maai, shui mei, siu […]

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