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  • Sup Kerang Darah

    Sup Kerang Darah (Blood Cockle Clear Soup) Recipe

    FollowShare Another childhood soup that I love so much and didn’t have it for years. The idea of this soup is the same as sayur bening bayam merah (red amaranth clear soup). The different is just added in garlic to my Sup Kerang Darah (Blood […]

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  • Pineapple Peanut Sauce

    Indonesian Seafood Dipping Sauce Recipe (Pineapple Peanut Sauce)

    FollowShare This is the most common seafood dipping sauce in Indonesia, Saus Nanas Kacang (Pineapple Peanut Sauce). While the North Americans love to dip their seafood in melted butter, Indonesians love to dip in to pineapple peanut sauce. When I resided in Bogor, I often […]

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  • Rujak Manis

    Rujak Manis (Fruit Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce)

    FollowShare This is my third guest post for Malaysian bloggers.  Leemei Tan is a very talented food photographer that I’ve known; beautiful photos, recipes and travel notes. About a week ago, she sent an email and offered me to be her blog’s guest writer.  Thank […]

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  • Tahu Tek

    Tahu Tek Recipe (Surabaya Style Tofu and Bean Sprout Salad with Dark Peanut Sauce)

    FollowShare Tahu Tek or loosely translated as Tofu and Bean Sprout Salad with Dark Peanut Sauce is commonly found in Surabaya and its suburban. The tahu tek hawkers bring a pushcart on streets and make noises by hitting a spoon on the wok “tek tek […]

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  • Rengginang

    Rengginang (Indonesian Glutinous Rice Crispy)

    FollowShare Rengginang is a kind of thick crackers, made from cooked glutinous/sticky and seasoned with spices and then sun-dry. The sun-dried rengginang will soon be fried with ample oil. Thou I translated into glutinous rice crispy, it doesn’t have the same texture and taste as […]

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  • Matcha (Green Tea) Frappé

    Matcha (Green Tea) Frappé

    FollowShare I bet you know damn well about this Matcha Frappé.  I’m not going to write the word as that is a trademark product which is registered under a Seattle’s world famous coffee shop. Matcha is green tea powder in Japanese.  I didn’t realize that […]

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  • Indonesian Yellow Chicken Noodle

    Mie Ayam Kuning (Yellow Chicken Noodle) Recipe

    FollowShare Did you remember when I said many version of chicken noodle in Indonesia? From region to region, also from one food hawker to another one; they are vary too. Here is one of my fave too. I got the recipe from a foodie friend […]

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  • French Onion Soup

    French Onion Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Many recipes of French Onion Soup are using beef stock. Hence, this reason makes my husband can’t enjoy it. Soup is something that I can eat everyday, especially in the winter season.  Last week, when I had a kalamata bread leftover, I made a […]

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  • Chinese Fish Soup

    Chinese Fish Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Last May, Tigerfish posted a very simple fish soup. I drooled over her post as she explained thoroughly how umami the soup is. She also mentioned that the best fish to use for this soup is a whole oily fish which is rich in […]

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  • Lamb Shank Rendang

    Lamb Shank Rendang

    FollowShare When I first made rendang in Canada, I felt overwhelmed by how much time I spent on stirring. No wonder when I was in Indonesia, I never made by myself. I just bought them at any Padang restaurants which are almost at every corner […]

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