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  • Misro

    Jemblem / Misro / Pulung-Pulung Ubi (Indonesian Cassava Fritters Stuffed with Coconut Sugar)

    FollowShare My fourth guest post for other bloggers. Shulie of Food Wanderings who loves learning other culture dishes. Both of us have been twitting along for quite some time now. I still recalled the day when she told me that she finally found fresh turmeric […]

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  • Pempek Pistel Single

    Pempek Pistel Recipe (Palembang Stuffed Fish Cake With Green Papaya)

    FollowShare For those who grew up in Indonesia, s/he must know Pempek Palembang (Palembangese fish cake). Palembang is the capital city of South Sumatra province. {WARNING: This post will be quite long!} Back when I was at university, I had a roommate whom originally from […]

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  • Indonesian Chewy Balls

    Cilok / Pentol Recipe (Indonesian Chewy Balls)

    FollowShare These chewy balls are a part of my childhood snack.  If Korea has tteokkochi (ddeokkochi) or tteokbokki (ddeokbokki), Indonesia has cilok or pentol. Different place different name!  In East Java, these chewy balls are known as Pentol.  Moved to west part of Java, I’ve […]

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  • Durian Pudding - Indonesia Eats

    Durian Pudding with Pandan Vla Recipe

    FollowShare Durian is a fruit that either people will love it or hate it. Durian’s name comes from a Indonesian/Malay word “duri” which means thorn and -an is a suffix together for building a noun in bahasa Indonesia and bahasa Melayu.   The durian tree […]

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  • Hawaiian Oxtail Soup

    Hawaiian Oxtail Soup Recipe

    FollowShare I’m a sucker for oxtail.  I love all kind of oxtail dishes; Sup/Sop Buntut (Indonesian oxtail soup), Caribbean oxtail stew, rawon buntut (oxtail black soup), grilled or fried oxtail.  When I saw a recipe of Hawaiian Oxtail Soup on Simply Recipe, I couldn’t wait […]

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  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    Southern Fried Chicken Recipe

    FollowShare Southern fried chicken is one of American classic dishes. Before it became a culinary habit in the Southern United States, fritters had already existed in Europe since medieval time. The Scots, and later Scottish immigrants to many southern states had a tradition of deep […]

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  • Kimchi 2

    Kimchi Photoshots

    FollowShare Before you ask me how to make kimchi, I’ll tell you the kimchi wasn’t made by me.  A friend whom is also a Winnipeg based foodie was given to me.  Her husband is crazy about Korean food. As soon as he knows that I […]

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  • Gule Kambing Kacang Hijau

    Gule Kambing Kacang Hijau (Goat Mung Bean Curry) Recipe

    FollowShare March 23, 2010 Update: This post was featured on March 23 FoodBuzz Top 9Gule is sometimes pronounced differently as gulai. In Indonesia, curry based foods can be named gule/gulai or kare/kari, depend on the area. This time, I chose making the Surabaya style, Gule […]

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  • Mangut Ikan

    Smoked Fish Mangut Recipe (Javanese Smoked Fish Cooked in Spiced Coconut Milk)

    FollowShare It’s the renew picture of my mangut before.  At that time, I used ikan kembung (Indian mackarel or known as short body mackerel).  However, it still tastes different when you make it with smoked fish. This dish is a popular dish among the Javanese.  […]

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  • Bubur Kacang Ijo

    Bubur Kacang Hijau (Indonesian Sweet Mung Bean Porridge) Recipe

    FollowShare Bubur kacang hijau (boo-boor kah-chunk hee-jaa-oo) is not a savoury poridge; it’s a sweet dessert.  Bubur or porridge can be a sweet or savoury dish in Indonesia.  I have known other kind of bubur kacang hijau that has more complex ingredients to company with […]

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