[Food Photo Series] Go Green with Avocado Spread

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The majority of people in the North and South America continents know this spread or dipping as guacamole, but for people who grew up in Indonesia, avocado is used to make a sweet blended shake for a beverage or a dessert. No wonder, a number of my multiply readers were asking; how does the savoury avocado taste like?

Mayoness is a condiment that ample people use for their sandwich, but I barely apply it. For the health purpose, we have been reducing mayo’s utilization on sandwiches. Avocado gives the creamy texture as mayo does. Easy and fast to make. I suggest to use Hass Avocado, also known as Guacamole Avocado or Alpukat Mentega in Indonesia. Hass avocado or alpukat mentega is perfect for Indonesian avocado shake (Indonesian: jus alpukat) as well.

Avocado Spread 2

You can add any kind of herbs as you desire and green onion or red onion. In this case, cilantro and chopped red onion were added, do not forget lemon squeezed; for, it is reduced the browning that is a result of the oxidation process.

Avocado Spread 3

Avocado Spread 4

Avocado Spread 5

Avocado Spread 6

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