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  • Ojinguh Bokkeum resized

    Korean Stir-Fried Squid Recipe (Ojinguh Bokkeum)

    FollowShare I was introduced to this Korean spicy stir-fried squid (or known as Ojinguh Bokkeum) in 2010 when I visited Momo, the Japanese & Korean restaurant quite often. At Momo restaurant, I also tried Gae Jang Baek Ban (Spicy Raw Crab) for the first time. […]

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  • Soondubu Jjigae

    Choice Sushi

    FollowShare Eyeing for Soondubu Jjigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) ever since I read maangchi and found out through urbanspoon.com that Choice Sushi has this dish on the menu. I said I better try this first at a Korean joint before making it by myself at […]

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  • Korean Chive Pancakes

    Korean Chives Pancake Recipe (Buchujeon/Buchu Buchimgae)

    FollowShare Buchujeon and Buchu Buchimgae have the same meaning; Korean Chive Pancake. Jeon or Buchimgae is a delicious and savoury Korean pancake-like dish made from various ingredients and they are mixed into a wheat flour-based batter, and then pan fried.  Buchu is a Korean term […]

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  • Kimchi 2

    Kimchi Photoshots

    FollowShare Before you ask me how to make kimchi, I’ll tell you the kimchi wasn’t made by me.  A friend whom is also a Winnipeg based foodie was given to me.  Her husband is crazy about Korean food. As soon as he knows that I […]

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  • Gochujang

    Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste)

    FollowShare If you are an avid reader of my blog, you may notice that I love anything with red or chili pepper. It’s not only a bottle of sambal cap jempol brand in my fridge, but I do collect several different hot sauces including my […]

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  • KFC

    KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) Recipe

    FollowShare I barely eat or order at the fast food restaurants unless I have to travel out of town and need to grab something quick before heading back to the road. Any particular reasons for that? Yes! I don’t find eating those foods are enjoyable […]

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  • Korean spicy raw crab

    Momo – Japanese & Korean Restaurant

    FollowShare Please find 3 more pictures below that have been in my file since early January and April this year. I went to this place about 3 times already. I first came to try this restaurant with a friend and chose Ohjinguh Bokkeum meal. It […]

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  • Tteokbokki

    Easy Tteokbokki/Ddeokbokki Recipe

    FollowShare Tteokbokki or ddeokbokki is my another favourite of Korean foods. I usually made it from scratch. I meant I didn’t make it from a pre-package of Tteokbokki sauce, just like when I made tteokochi or ddeok-kkochi. When I drove from Pembina area and would […]

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  • Tteokkochi

    Tteokochi or Ddeok-kkochi (Korean Rice Cake in Spicy Sauce)

    FollowShare I know tteokochi or ddeok-kkochi when I volunteered for the Korean pavilion-Folklorama in 2006. It reminds me of cilok (West Java) or pentol (in East Java) in Indonesia. The differences, cilok or petol is made from sago or tapioca flour and enhanced with a […]

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  • Top 15 Indonesia Eats Recipes

    Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine

    FollowShare Cik Stella, one of my contacts at multiply was posting a Korean recipe “Dolsot Bibimbap” (bibimbap in a hot stone pot). She told that she is new to Korean cuisine. I offered her to post “Quick Reference to Korean Cuisine”. In NCC , Indonesian […]

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