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  • Lobster Feast

    Bali: Sushi Tei Kuta

    FollowShare Bali is a heaven for fish and seafood lovers. To be honest, I don’t enjoy sushi as much as sashimi. I used to love sushi so much but now if I have to choose sushi or sashimi, I’ll go fo sashimi all the way. […]

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  • Ankanke Donburi

    Shrimp, Tofu, and Mushroom Ankake Donburi Recipe

    FollowShare Seriously, I have been wanting to make Ankake Donburi (あんかけ丼) for so long. Harumi Kurihara the author of Everyday Harumi cookbook has the explanation what Ankake is. Ankake is a typical Japanese sauce, made from thickened dashi stock and can be served with a […]

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  • salmon head

    Salmon Head Tempura Recipe

    FollowShare A Canadian adaptation of Japanese tempura. It’s often to be offered at Japanese restaurants and served with a special sauce. Salmon heads and trims are common to be sold at the markets here.  At Asian markets, I often see salmon heads on sale. Special […]

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  • Korean spicy raw crab

    Momo – Japanese & Korean Restaurant

    FollowShare Please find 3 more pictures below that have been in my file since early January and April this year. I went to this place about 3 times already. I first came to try this restaurant with a friend and chose Ohjinguh Bokkeum meal. It […]

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  • Bihun Goreng Jawa

    Call It Fusion – Javanese Fried Bihun Topped with Salmon Teriyaki

    FollowShare I totally made a fusion food.  Bihun is what people known for rice vermicelli.  This dish was influenced by the Chinese immigrants in Indonesia. Incorporated with Javanese spices makes this dish a Javanese dish. Topped with Salmon Teriyaki induces a totally fusion dish.  To […]

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  • Miso Mussel Tofu Soup

    Miso Mussel Tofu Soup – Masak Bareng Yuuk Event

    FollowShare Oh yeah… I must admit that I have been crazy about Japanese food. Japanese food seems a good friend of my husband since he found out that he is allergic to wheat. Hence, eating out is not easy anymore for us, especially if you […]

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  • Garlic Mussel

    Garlic Mussel with a Japanese twist

    FollowShare If you go to seafood restaurants here, you may find garlic mussel on the menu. Most restaurants will apply dry white wine. Another way of cooking this, it’s by twisting with Asian style. Enhancing with the Japanese broth or dashi is not a bad […]

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  • Dashi

    Homemade Dashi Stocks

    FollowShare One day, I stumbled upon Serge the Concierge. Serge Lescouarnec, the owner of the blog offered a Cooking and Manga on Menu for Everyday Harumi book contest part 3. I submitted my answer of a Manga on Food and Cooking. Manga was a part […]

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  • [Food Photo Series] Go Green with Matcha Soba

    [Food Photo Series] Go Green with Matcha Soba

    FollowShare This is the second series of Go Green. It was actually served with dashi miso broth, wakame, tofo, chrysanthemum greens (other names: garland chrysanthemum, edible chrysanthemum, tong ho), lo bak (other names: Japanese daikon, Japanese/Chinese radish), and green onion. Since I wanted to take […]

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  • Japanese Souffle Cheese Tart

    Japanese Souffle Cheese Tart

    FollowShare I love souffle! I love cheesecake! I love tart! This recipe is adapted from Japanese Souffle Cheesecake of Kyoko’s Kitchen. It is supposed to use 18 cm round cake pan, but my springform pan is 22-cm, so I decided to make individual size by […]

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