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  • Gluten Free Apple Crumble | Indonesia Eats

    Apple Buckwheat Crumble (Gluten Free) Recipe

    FollowShare I got a bag of apples and didn’t know what to do, too many recipes out there.  Apple sauce, apple pie, chicken apple, you name it! Then, when I stopped by at Hyundae mart, I found a great deal on roasted buckwheat (kasha) and […]

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  • Pouring coffee

    Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    FollowShare If you haven’t read the first part of this Ethiopian series, please go back to my previous post. Before, I start the part 2 of Ethiopian series.  I’d like telling you that somebody who volunteered at the coupon table for this Ethiopian pavilion approached […]

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  • Escargot Macaroni

    Garlic Butter Snails Macaroni

    FollowShare This is not a typical food that I cook everyday. I only make if I’m lazy or no time to cook. As I’m a person who likes using a bit heat in food, I throw some slices of red chili. The dish looked too […]

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  • Cinnamon Bun

    Cinnamon Buns

    FollowShare July 28, 2010 Update: This post was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 todayBoissevain is a small town in Manitoba that has left me a memory of cinnamon buns. I was working for 9 months and stayed at one of resident’s house. This town is […]

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  • Pickerel Cheeks

    Pan Fried Pickerel Cheeks with Lime Basils

    FollowShare July 26, 2010 Update: This post was featured on FoodBuzz Top 9 today Pickerel is actually a name for Walleye (Sander vitreus, formerly Stizostedion vitreum).  In wikipedia, it’s explained that Walleye (Yellow Pickerel) is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and […]

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  • Seared Mahi-Mahi with Spicy Pomelo and Orange Salsa

    Seared Mahi-Mahi with Spicy Pomelo and Orange Salsa

    FollowShare Still, this time is a part of cleaning out my freezer stuffs. What do you do with your Mahi-Mahi? I usually do easy-pan grilled with teriyaki sauce or just with salt, pepper and olive oil. You can also put different kind of sauces/marinate such […]

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  • CC

    New York Style Strawberry Cheesecake with Saskatoon Berry Compote

    FollowShare Who doesn’t love the classic New York Style Cheesecake? Two things that I added were strawberry and lovely Canadian Prairies berry, Saskatoon berry. I never feel regret that I had to move out from the city due to my work’s location. I live close […]

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  • Cream of Mushroom and Dill Soup

    Cream of Mushroom and Dill Soup Recipe

    FollowShare Temptation to make a vegan version of mushroom and dill cream soup was held for moment and I couldn’t resist anymore. Plus, I didn’t have a class on Monday. The purpose of making vegan cream mushroom soup was to let my husband enjoy the […]

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  • Homemade Vegetarian Stock

    Homemade Vegetarian Stock Recipe

    FollowShare Homemade Vegetarian Stock is easy to make, especially if you are really concerned about your diet. By making your own stock, at least you know what the ingredients are. A number of store-bought stocks contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which I have problem with. I […]

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  • Caribbean Oxtail Stew

    Caribbean Oxtail Stew from Caribbean Spice

    FollowShare Before you jump into conclusion, I’ll tell you this is not my cooking. We ordered from Caribbean Spice Restaurant on Sunday evening. Since it was really damn cold – 43 degrees Celsius with windchil, both of us craved Caribbean food, we didn’t feel to […]

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